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Metal Rat doffs his hat

The Year of the Rat has ended and not a moment too soon. When it started, Covid-19 was a mere rumour shrouded in mist, and I was blithely ignoring the suggestion that the first reappearance of the Metal Rat since the year of my birth was unlikely to turn out well. (You can read last… Continue reading Metal Rat doffs his hat

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A contender

Okay, so here's a contender for my 2021 planner setup. I wrote a way back in June about this A5 Filofax Original binder and how I had bought it just to have on hand should I ever decide I want to go back to a ring-bound system. Between then and now it has sat on… Continue reading A contender

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A creature of habit

Above all else, I know myself to be a creature of habit. I don't deal at all well with changes to routine; forget the advice that you have to do something new for 21 days (or 28, or 31 or however many days your particular guru recommends), it takes months, if not years, for me… Continue reading A creature of habit