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All these notebooks

This post has been inspired by comments from two lovely friends: Alex W. in the 'real world' who mentioned notebook fetishes when she visisted and saw this bureau, and blog-friend ReginaMary who asked in the comments on Friday's post if I have a separate use for each of my planners and how I keep it… Continue reading All these notebooks

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Haven’t I seen you before?

The Knitting Revisited When I was very young, my big sister and/or brother had a record I was fond of which included a version of Joni Mitchell's song "The Circle Game". I'm experiencing that carousel feeling of 'been here, done this' working on the second version of my Fairisle Tank Top. At least the ribbing… Continue reading Haven’t I seen you before?


Notes, notes, notes, notes…

I hope this post finds everyone well and coping with the restrictions life has sent our way. I'm currently engrossed by notes. Not, I hasten to admit, actually taking notes, but reading about note-taking systems, watching videos of other people's notebooks, and dredging up my own collection of part-used and blank notebooks in an attempt… Continue reading Notes, notes, notes, notes…

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Irresistible textures, unreachable stars

This week I have been looking through old notebooks; for what is the point of making notes if you don't go back every so often and read them? Two looming items have prompted this trawl: I need to get a new notebook sorted out because I'm down to the final five pages in the book… Continue reading Irresistible textures, unreachable stars