I feel I need to make it clear from the start that The Blue Book is not a bullet journal, and if it is then it is being very naughty and needs to immediately cease that behaviour and return to being a notebook.

I decided from the start that the notebook would include a weekly page. Heading into summer I have moved my appointments and regular tasks into the electronic realm for the sake of convenience, but one of the reasons this doesn’t usually work for me is that it doesn’t suit the fun elements like quotes. My solution to this is to mark a page in my notebook which can act as the headline space for the week. On Sunday morning I set up the page for the coming week, and on Sunday night I move the marker to this new page.

The marker is one of the tiny page clips with the smiley face. Cult Pens includes one of these with every order so I have a few lying around. I find them to be large enough to easily locate the weekly page, but small enough not to intrude on the page itself. They slide on and off without trouble, but grip firmly enough to stay in place until you want to remove them. I think they are designed to clip several sheets together but they work fine as a bookmark on a single sheet. Alternatives would be a simple paper clip, or one of those brass book darts which I think look super but tend to fall off the page.

This morning I set up my third weekly page. I didn’t attempt to decorate the first one. Then I used some Filofax stickers on the second and have battled all week as they have refused to stay stuck. I’ve resorted to glueing them, but they still don’t look secure – clearly they are not happy with the coating on this paper. I’m trying a different tack for this coming week.

At the moment I like the looseness a notebook gives, with plenty of space to jot things down throughout the week. Will it stick? I don’t know and I don’t really care. I’m living my life on a moment-by-moment basis and committing to a particular planning/recording style is on the back-burner. Someday I will work it out, but it won’t be today.

7 thoughts on “Weekly pages

    1. I wouldn’t call it art but it is artsy. The majority of mine are just fancy letters, smilie faces or just shapes. I enjoy the art that goes with Día de Muertos so I make block letters and add stuff inside

    2. What does appeal to me in the way of doodling are those loopy drills we used to do in Junior School when we were learning joined-up writing. And I was always very fond of drawing treble clefs.

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