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A5 Filofax update – 135 days later

Journal in hardbound book; Planning in Filofax Original A5 It's time to revisit my Filofax setup and capture some thoughts on the A5 size now that I've been using it for a few months. What have I liked? What have I disliked? Does it still suit my purpose, is it time to change up a… Continue reading A5 Filofax update – 135 days later


Clearing the decks

Deadheading the roses.......... I have been beavering away in the latter part of this week, increasingly intent upon clearing the decks and setting myself up for the coming year. Indeed, my horoscope today asked whether perhaps the New Year was coming early and I feel that it may well be. There is a fine line,… Continue reading Clearing the decks

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First thoughts on Inspired Stories planner

Inspired Stories planner, fountain pens, Happy Planner stickers, my own photos As I mentioned previously, I've bought myself a 100-day Inspired Stories hard-bound planner and I'm going to take this opportunity to record my first thoughts then hopefully I'll touch on it again later in the year as I get into the swing of using… Continue reading First thoughts on Inspired Stories planner

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An ode to August

July is a funny month in my experience. Although it is tempting to think of August as the height of summer where I live, July is often the month with the highest temperatures. July is hot, sweaty, torpid, and I am unenthusiastic, becalmed. Contrast that with August, when the nights begin to draw in; there… Continue reading An ode to August