Deadheading the roses……….

I have been beavering away in the latter part of this week, increasingly intent upon clearing the decks and setting myself up for the coming year. Indeed, my horoscope today asked whether perhaps the New Year was coming early and I feel that it may well be.

There is a fine line, I find, between the concept of “clearing” and wanton destruction. If you put me in a garden and leave me there with a pair of shears or secateurs, I will be happy reducing everything to the shortest, barest twig. My justification is that some things thrive on a severe pruning and those that don’t probably don’t need to be around anyway. I am not, I hasten to point out, a gardener ny nature, and I don’t have a garden – those who do tend not to allow me anywhere near them!

I’m sure you will think of the above photo as showing me wandering over the line into the land of wanton destruction. Here are the three knitting projects I had “in progress” – my Heather Sweater; the socks I was knitting with the contrast ribbing, heel and toe; and the pair of socks I’d misjudged the sizing of. All reduced to a pile of wool. Am I sad? A little, just about the Heather Sweater, but to keep on fiddling with it was serving no purpose: with every tweak I got further away from the desired outcome. In fact, I would go so far as to say it’s closer to being a finished object here than it was before I unpicked it all.

Hand in hand with the crafting deconstructions, I am also taking a look at my stationery requirements. I have been feeling increasingly uneasy about my decision to fragment the various facets of my life into separate notebooks since I wrote about the different purposes of various journals in my collection. I don’t adhere to the concept of “one book to rule them all”, but I am drawn to the idea of my personal journal incorporating things such as pen and ink tests, notes on my knitting projects, photos, book reviews, and even creative writing snippets. My diary/planner always seems to be more of a condensed version of what goes into my personal journal – a potted history, if you will, and as such I feel quite settled in the way I use it. I would like, therefore, to use the coming year to bring the other areas of interest in my life into a more cohesive whole. That may extend to my blogging, in so far as I have been pondering whether it makes sense to have two separate blogs – one for kntting and stationery and a separate one for my creative writing – or whether this all belongs together.

To say that I am feeling inspired to make changes to the papery side of my life would be something of an understatement; I am excited and can’t wait to get to next week when I step out of the planner I’ve been using since the summer and into the A5 Filofax that I’m setting up for the next year. Whilst this week has been focused quite strongly on crafts, next week may very well be wall-to-wall stationery. You have been warned.

2 thoughts on “Clearing the decks

  1. Oh no, the sweater looked really nice, but wool doesn’t get bad luckily. I still have socks on my needles for my boyfriend. And a bought a new planner for next year from moleskine with maneki neko on the cover. I love Japan, so I was happy to find this.

    1. The heather sweater will rise like a phoenix, I am sure; after all, I still have a skirt the wool will match. Good for you for attempting boyfriend socks. My own sock collection is starting to get a little threadbare and I think I may be concentrating on a few replacement pairs in the near future. I’ve just checked up on the Moleskine – that looks fantastic. Lucky you to find something so suitable.

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