Pen and Ink: The September Edition

It's a month since my last update on the pens and inks I was using, so today I'd like to bring you up to date with what has changed, what has remained the same, and how the pens are being used. First up, the number of pens I've got inked has reduced to just three… Continue reading Pen and Ink: The September Edition



This week I am experiencing an utter lack of ability to put words and pictures together in the form of a cohesive blog post. I have half-written a host of treatises on all sorts of subjects, none of which have fired my imagination enough to finish. When I have been relatively interested in the subject… Continue reading Frustration


Something a little different

Just leaping in today to mention that I've started a sister-blog to this one as a space where I can track my creative writing endeavours. It's now up and running with my first post in what I hope will be a weekly series. I won't be cross-posting on a regular basis, but if you'd like… Continue reading Something a little different


Fiction vs. Fact

When I was fourteen, I thought I'd never meet any people as interesting as the ones I read about in books. When I was thirty-eight, I thought my fourteen-year-old self was wrong and that I could prove it as soon as I met the right real people. Now I'm sixty and I know I was… Continue reading Fiction vs. Fact

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Works making nice progress

Well, that was a productive weekend so come Tuesday, naturally, I slumped. Hopefully the week will get better from here. First off, I finished my Nuclear Sunrise socks and they are a lovely addition to my sock drawer. Whether I will wear them much this side of late autumn I cannot tell; the colour is… Continue reading Works making nice progress

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DIY Writing Group

This weekend just past included the first Saturday of the month and that is when, in regular times, I would have been to my writing class at the Castle. The group last met in early March, the museum being closed to visitors before the first Saturday in April. It was after that initial missed session… Continue reading DIY Writing Group


A day in Helsinki

My lovely daughter is treating her aging mum to a birthday trip to Helsinki, Finland. It's a beautiful city. We visited the Design Museum yesterday and my eye was caught by this chunky knitted skirt. Helsinki is a lovely city, small enough to walk around comfortably, frequent trams, and surprisingly few cars. There is a… Continue reading A day in Helsinki


Planner ahoy!

Well, I have teased you for long enough and now it's time to reveal my 60th birthday gift-to-myself - the A5 William Hannah Notebook in Bordeaux and Petrol. When I fully processed the fact that I was unlikely to treat myself to a pen to celebrate my 60th birthday, I wondered what else would fall into… Continue reading Planner ahoy!