If I should smile in sweet surprise

Today is my 61st birthday, which I've been referring to as "Sweet 61" for some time now. In honour of this, and with some creative transposing of figures, I've borrowed my title from Neil Sedaka's 1961 release "Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen". I wish I could stop viewing song lyrics from my youth through the sensitive… Continue reading If I should smile in sweet surprise


Round and round and round we go

Joining the newly cast-on stitches to work in the round is one of my least favourite knitting techniques. As you will know if you've been around here for a while, I knit all of my garments in separate pieces which are then seamed together. Socks, however, are a different matter, they are knitted as a… Continue reading Round and round and round we go


Send in the toes

I'm onto the toe shaping for my Popeye Sock and I've decided to go down one needle size to see if that makes them any longer-wearing. My feeling is that more than one size down would be better, but I'd need to buy a new set of needles to achieve that. I'm knitting the main… Continue reading Send in the toes


When it’s right

I'm not sure if it's the best way to check whether you are on the right track, but it seems to me that the ease with which you accomplish a task is a general indicator of how well that task fits with your natural inclinations. The speed with which I whipped through the leg and… Continue reading When it’s right

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How calm the sea, how bright the stars

One of my favourite episodes of Kojak comes in Season 3 and has the title "How cruel the frost, how bright the stars" which I feel must be a quote from a poem, but I can't find any evidence to support this theory. It is a Christmas episode - always my favourites - and follows… Continue reading How calm the sea, how bright the stars


The cold light of dawn

Not quite pretty enough in the cold light of dawn I frequently wander from the long, straight road of commonsense. For example, allowing myself to be struck late on Friday night with the idea of starting work on the next of the Six Socks for 2021. I had already nominated the Noodle Soup Yarns' Sturdy… Continue reading The cold light of dawn

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Six Socks For 2021

I have come to the conclusion that my sock drawer is going to need a refresh after this winter and, with this firmly in mind, I have been sorting through my stash to see which yarns I should use. Now, I will point out that my title "Six Socks for 2021" has been chosen with… Continue reading Six Socks For 2021