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When it’s time to change ink

The week started with a blazing fanfare which revealed to me that I couldn't spend another minute writing with the inks I've been using this past month. Don't get me wrong, there was nothing inherently wrong with the inks, in many ways each was perfect for its task, I had simply hit the point where… Continue reading When it’s time to change ink

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Nothing to write home about

It's a funny thing, having nothing to write a blog post about, knowing it doesn't matter, that it's counter-productive to force it, but not quite being able to set aside the desire to write. I've been trying to decide which ink I should use on my main planner pages throughout March which is the month… Continue reading Nothing to write home about

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A new member of Clan Bluepen

I'd like a spaceship in this design. Okay, so they invented this thing called Black Friday. Did you get the memo? Under normal circumstances I wouldn't be drawn in, but apparently 2020 is not a normal year. You got that memo, right? Anyway, Black Friday... invented... not my type of thing... then I watched this… Continue reading A new member of Clan Bluepen