I’ve come to the conclusion that my ongoing planner/diary perigrinations, cerebral though they remain, stem from boredom as much as anything else. I’m bored, therefore I want a change, but I have sound arguments against all the changes I can conjure, thus I stay where I am, which makes me feel more bored.

It’s the heat, darlings. I will know exactly where I am and what I want to do next just as soon as we hit single digits on the thermometer.

For now, though, whilst we hover around the 30℃ mark and the idea of picking up a ball of wool has all the appeal of a quick stroll into the crater of a volcano, I’m inking up pens instead. Not all the pens, but certainly more than I usually have on the go at the same time. The idea of being able to just swap them round as the mood takes me is giving off the right vibes for the present.

I’ve divided them into three teams. Team Blue is for writing in my planner. Team Brown is dedicated to my journal. Then Team Red can swing either way for accenting purposes.

Team Brown: The Namisu Orion fights on with the third and final cartridge of Graf von Faber-Castell Hazelnut Brown. It is joined by the Parker Sonnet filled with a generous helping of Herbin’s Cacao du Bresil. In time I might experiment with the Diamine Writers’ Blood in with this colour scheme, too. I might just prefer it if I think of it as a brown rather than hoping it will be a dark red.

Team Blue: The Cross Century II is running on the fumes of its current fill of Diamine Kensington Blue. I’ve inked up the Diplomat Traveller with a cartridge of Graf von Faber-Castell Gulf Blue and given in to the yearning for some Waterman Inspired Blue, pairing it with the Lamy Studio Aquarmarine which it complements so perfectly.

Team Red: Diamine Wild Strawberry is still top of the hit parade sitting in the Waterman Hemisphere, but in with a bullet at No.2 is the Cross Bailey Light and Graf von Faber-Castell Electric Pink. I used a syringe to fill the converter from the final cartridge of Electric Pink. I can’t deny there is a pleasure to be had from finishing two boxes of cartridges in one sitting.

If I’m still bored at the end of this week I will have to give in to the siren song of my Personal Filofax and set that up. Let’s hope the inks do the trick, eh?

4 thoughts on “Boredom may lead to…

  1. Inking up some pens with different inks is a fun thing to do and especially good when it is too hot to do much else.
    I have flushed out a Lamy 2000 with a fine nib and am enjoying the anticipation as I ponder what to fill it with next. Meanwhile I took a new cartridge of Quink blue-black out of my Parker Vector XL when it was having flow issues. It turned out to be simply that the little circle of plastic in the cartridge that gets pushed out by the pen, hadn’t broken off properly and was still blocking the ink. Easily solved with a toothpick. But then I thought, why put the cartridge back in the Vector when I have a lovely Duofold sitting idle? So I am now enjoying my Duofold after a long break.
    I loved the reworking of the Eurythmics’ song. You should write some more songs for Annie Lennox. 🙂

    1. Good idea about putting the cartridge into the Duofold. It was fun doing some inking and with the added challenge of keeping to a tighter colour grouping. I was concerned the Gulf Blue and Inspired Blue would be too close in colour, but they are so far apart in vibrancy that they don’t come across as similar at all.

  2. boredom has a way of doing funny things to the mind. I also ink up pens in various colors but in that I am boring. The red pen has Scribo Chianti, the blue pen has Waterman Serenity and the demon starter gets whatever color I find interesting. You have to do what you have to do when insanity is involved (LOL).

    1. Yeah… some say insanity, I like to call it “creative individuality”. I don’t have Waterman Serenity Blue, but maybe one day when I’ve used up the enormous bottle of Graf von Faber-Castell Cobalt and the little bottle of Diamine Kensington, I’ll dive into some Serenity.

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