This week has been busy. Productive, yes; interesting, yes; fun, a bit; but mainly busy. The fun definitely arrived with the new cassette player and I can see this becoming one of my favourite Etsy purchases. The Joan Baez cassette was so familiar on first listening that I’m convinced it must have been in my original collection, though I can’t specifically recall owning it.

I’m up to three pens inked as I filled the Diplomat Traveller midweek with Graf von Faber-Castell Moss Green in preparation for December. I expected to run out of Burgundy Royale in the Lamy LX during the week, but it’s still going strong. Once I’ve used it up and flushed out the pen ready to fill with Honey Blaze, I’ll decide which other pen I will pop Burgundy Royale into for the rest of the month.

And now, knitting content! Wonders will never cease – Pamalisonknits has been knitting! I think I’ve raised my prevarication game to new heights over this Christmas gift knit, lurching back and forth over the knife-edge between carrying on and abandoning it, but I’ve finally accepted that I won’t know if I’m confident about the size unless I finish it. Of course, as soon as I thought that and actually re-started the front, I remembered how quickly it knits up. If I apply myself, it shouldn’t take more than another couple of weekends to finish the project, which just leaves the size to worry about.

Now I reckon there’s time to put in a few more rows before I have to seriously think about the mess in the kitchen.

6 thoughts on “The universe reclining

  1. Better to get some gift knitting done than procrasting. I also often tend to think about knitting but not actually doing it. Must cast on the second sock soon.

    1. I’m so much more focussed on my knitting when it’s for myself! Then again, I don’t think I could realistically have done much creative work in my first three months in my new job – it’s been such a whirlwind of learning. Definitely not the little pottering-along job I was hoping to find, but fascinating and worthwhile so I’m not complaining!

      Yes, get the second sock done. They are looking lovely.

    1. Those to-do lists are growing as I keep not doing the items on them. Must rein that in and make sure I get everything done this week. It’s nice to come back to my knitting, though.

    1. Thank you, yes, it is! I’ve felt completely at home in it from the week when I seriously started using it and I can’t yet see any downsides. I wish I’d looked at it before I left work, though, because I completely forgot that I meant to get off the bus in town and pick up an order from the book shop. I might have to work that into tomorrow somehow.

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