Mad March hares along

I'm not a fan of knit-alongs, but if I was I would be one hundred percent keen on taking part in something called the MadMarchHares-Along. Just a random thought. If you run knit-alongs yourself, please feel free to use that next year. However, my title actually refers to the fact that the Slope Rib Sweater… Continue reading Mad March hares along


Round and round and round we go

Joining the newly cast-on stitches to work in the round is one of my least favourite knitting techniques. As you will know if you've been around here for a while, I knit all of my garments in separate pieces which are then seamed together. Socks, however, are a different matter, they are knitted as a… Continue reading Round and round and round we go


Knitting Ketchup

Was it really May when I last wrote?  Oh, dear.  Well, in my down-time I have been busy catching up on podcasts and, if not knitting as much as I'd like, knitting as much as the mood and my tendency to overheat allow me. I finished my grey Rimini cardigan with none of the usual… Continue reading Knitting Ketchup


How red is my new project?

Yes, last week it was all "red wool" this, and "new project in my red, red wool" that.  And here I am posing with my newest project and just how red would you describe that wool?  Sheesh, it's blue! The red project didn't hit the right spot for me.  In fact, it failed to hit… Continue reading How red is my new project?

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Dubious reasons for buying wool

Okay, this counts as a very dubious purchase.  A little while ago I looked through my button tin and noticed how many perfectly usable sets of brand new buttons I had in there.  Mainly in shades of green.  I am, you see, guilty of buying buttons that don't quite work in the context of whichever… Continue reading Dubious reasons for buying wool