I’m not a fan of knit-alongs, but if I was I would be one hundred percent keen on taking part in something called the MadMarchHares-Along. Just a random thought. If you run knit-alongs yourself, please feel free to use that next year.

However, my title actually refers to the fact that the Slope Rib Sweater has come on in leaps and bounds since last week. I had set myself the goal of getting to the start of the armhole shaping; a reasonable aspiration, I thought. In fact, I got the whole of the back completed and I’ve made a start on the front.

This project has now moved from something which felt stagnant and maybe wouldn’t ever be completed, to something which will be an actual garment in the foreseeable future.

As you can see, I’m doing a narrow garter stitch panel up the centre front which will be the faux button band. That means I can raid my button box for suitable buttons. Since they’re only for decoration, I can use as many or as few as I like.

It’s a good job I’m getting on with this project, because I’ve decided one cardigan is going to have to be consigned to the bin. I’m not sure if I’ve written much about this one. I made it back in 2017 and I’ve never been entirely happy with it. I like the design well enough, especially the textured stitch on the original cuff and button bands, but the yarn was a sore disappointment. It was too thick and stiflingly hot for my liking and it shrunk in the wash which meant the sleeves were always too short. Given that it’s definitely a warm, winter garment, three inches of exposed wrist wasn’t a good feature. This quickly got relegated to wearing around the house and even then I didn’t often reach for it.

Last year I decided on a quick and dirty tweak and added some rounds of crochet to the cuffs on the basis that it would at least make the cardigan more useful, yet I still avoided it. Now I am finally ready to admit that it wasn’t one of life’s successes and to delete it from my wardrobe. I’ll feel better when it’s gone, I know I will! Plus – I’ll be able to reclaim those lovely buttons for something much nicer!

Are there things you have made which you hold onto despite knowing in your heart they’re not good enough? Do you have wild schemes of how you could turn something that’s entirely wrong into something that’s perfect with minimal effort? Has that ever turned out to be true?

If you enjoy buttons, stay tuned because next Tuesday my button box is going to make a reappearance.

2 thoughts on “Mad March hares along

  1. Well, I think the sweater is lovely, but, I do know the feeling of having one in the mix that never gets worn. You certainly gave it a shot, though. So grab those buttons and send it off to good will.

    1. Perhaps a victim of my preference for finer knits, which I sometimes struggle to bear in mind during the making process. Also, close in shade to some garments that I just like better.

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