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Knitting progress and lockdown breakfasts

I've had a crazy day today, apparently unable to tear myself away from handbags of the 1960s and 1970s for long enough to actually write a few words about 2020. However, I am here now, very much in the spirit of better late than never, to give you an update on my knitting progress plus… Continue reading Knitting progress and lockdown breakfasts


Treading grapes

Time for a knitting update, I think. I've been working steadily on my Grape Fade Rimini cardigan, working a few rows a day, making sure to allow my arm and shoulder plenty of rest. Now I'm just beginning to do the armhole shaping on the back, and I'm ready to move from the fourth to… Continue reading Treading grapes


It ain’t me who’s gonna leave…

Something's in the naughty drawer! Even as I wrote in the middle of last week  about my knitting ennui, I was already pretty convinced that my Fairisle Tank Top would win out, if only because nothing else was coming close to catching my interest. And so I ploughed on and knitted the next row of… Continue reading It ain’t me who’s gonna leave…

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How is the knitting going?

In an effort to straighten up my thoughts and plans a bit, here's an update on how the knitting is going in this neck of the woods. First up, fingerless mitts for my Etsy shop. The above are my first pair trying out a lacy pattern and they are as finished as they are going… Continue reading How is the knitting going?