The knitting has been happening, but it has been a gradual return. When I knit, I do knit a fair amount, but there are still long runs of days where I don’t even bring the knitting basket over to where I’m sitting.

My first choice of project has been this vintage cardigan using the bright pink yarn. I’ve just decided this project should be named “How pink was my cardi” like the old TV programme “How green was my valley”. Technically speaking I’m halfway through as I have completed the back and one sleeve. Timewise, I think the second half will be much quicker to complete for a few reasons, not least of which has been a significant change in the weather. This has a two-fold effect: I want to wear the cardi and it’s comfortable to sit with wool on my lap or passing through my hands. The two pieces which form the front of the garment are the most interesting to knit as they have a cable running along the edge. These repeating patterns contribute to what knitters refer to as the “potato-chip” element of knitting where you are constantly doing “just one more repeat”.

I have to admit that my choice of the 1980s knitting pattern was influenced by the below outfit from the good old “Looks That Work” inspiration book. Although mine will be shorter, there is something about the width of the sleeves that makes me feel the fit might work well with a nice skirt.

I can’t deny that part of the returning enthusiasm for knitting is a growing excitement over my trip to the Knitting and Stitching Show this coming week. It felt like my London break was a long way in the future for many months and now suddenly it’s almost here. All my plans are in place and there’s just a couple of days at work to be navigated and a hair cut to be endured before the off. I have booked a VIP ticket for the knitting show which means I should be able to have a sit-down and cuppa in a reserved seating area at some point during the show. I think my knees will thank me for that.

Speaking of my holiday, I’ll be back on Wednesday to ramble a bit about my thoughts as I prepare myself for a visit to my first pen show.

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  1. Hope you have a wonderful trip. I love the cardi pattern you are knitting and I think that bright pink will be beautiful and fun. Very needed as we head into the grey days of winter.

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