If one unfinished object should accidentally fall….

I've been battling an unseasonal head-cold for the past week, thus the lack of posts and, to be honest, a pretty thorough lack of knitting.  I did manage to work a bit on one of my secret projects.  The one with the closer deadline.  In fact, I got on quite well with it.  I got… Continue reading If one unfinished object should accidentally fall….

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Bikes and bags and secret knits

So, when I want to do my grocery shopping, this is my modus operandi.  My Trek bicycle is my everyday transport, in that I ride it to work, for leisure, and for shopping.  And, yes, I use it in the wind, and the rain, when it's light, or it's dark, but I wimp out when… Continue reading Bikes and bags and secret knits


Rowan 50 – first impressions

I must say up-front that I have a love-hate relationship with Rowan.  I love their design aesthetic, the look of their magazines, the 'stable' of designers they have working for them.  I hate their yarns, the fact they discontinued the Jaeger brand, the fact that British knitwear designers almost automatically have to default to being… Continue reading Rowan 50 – first impressions


Send for Gary Sinise….

Remember how, in "Apollo 13" they had a problem with the spaceship and had to call in the help of Gary Sinise? And how, if there's any crime at all in New York, Gary Sinise has to come and look at the scene of crime and tell them what happened? Well..... (Quick translation - if… Continue reading Send for Gary Sinise….


How red is my new project?

Yes, last week it was all "red wool" this, and "new project in my red, red wool" that.  And here I am posing with my newest project and just how red would you describe that wool?  Sheesh, it's blue! The red project didn't hit the right spot for me.  In fact, it failed to hit… Continue reading How red is my new project?


Who is that glamorous model?

Oh, dear, only me! Thought it would be nice to show a modelled shot of the new Slope Rib Cardi.  As you can see, I'm very pleased with it.  Fits nicely and I'm very happy with the whole project. Here you can see the ribbing details: I think the slightly mottled effect of the yarn… Continue reading Who is that glamorous model?



Is there a comment that the non-knitters in your life make about patterns that will immediately put you off them?  For me it's "frumpy".  They don't even need to use that particular word, but if I show them a pattern that I'm thinking of making, or have just commenced, and they start along the route… Continue reading Frumpy