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Pile of plans

Back from my "staycation" holiday and buzzing with ideas which rapidly need to be transformed into goals and achieved. I previously alluded to my desire to earn my living using more of my creativity, and one part of this is my plan to open an Etsy shop selling hand-knitted accessories and baby clothes. Over the… Continue reading Pile of plans



Norwich this July as it as hot and steamy as a Palm House. Lethargy lurks at every turn and the drowsy afternoons float by, punctuated only by the chirruping of the Tour de France commentators. I am at a point where I want to reboot my creativity. I have allowed it to become submerged over… Continue reading Reboot


Waking up

It is time to wake up and get this blog moving.Nothing dramatic has been happening; I have been toddling along with life and not writing about it.  There has been a significant amount of sleeping.  Knitting projects have come and gone; some have stuck around and been finished whilst others have fallen by the wayside.… Continue reading Waking up


A collective noun for knitwear designers

Is there a collective noun for knitwear designers?  I would like to nominate "A cruelty of knitwear designers". There are many thousands of brilliant knitting patterns out there that people have designed and we love them for that.  But bear in mind that, within living memory, someone also designed this: Oh, and you're thinking perhaps… Continue reading A collective noun for knitwear designers


Hang on

This blog post is entitled "Hang on" as a salute to my darling grandson who turned 3 a couple of weeks ago.  When he was very young he had a very impressive, not to mentioned expressive, Gallic shrug which seemed to indicate an internal questioning of the world around him.  "Hang on" appears to be… Continue reading Hang on


Knitting Ketchup

Was it really May when I last wrote?  Oh, dear.  Well, in my down-time I have been busy catching up on podcasts and, if not knitting as much as I'd like, knitting as much as the mood and my tendency to overheat allow me. I finished my grey Rimini cardigan with none of the usual… Continue reading Knitting Ketchup


A skein of two halves

So, I start with the end; in this case a finished object. Quite a small one, but one pair of socks completed and ready to wear.  The Colinette Jitterbug has, as usual, knitted up nicely into thick, springy socks.  I love the colourway which I think is like chalk markings on a blackboard.  Or, thus… Continue reading A skein of two halves


Very special American sheep

Okay, when I said on Tuesday that I would write about a very special American sheep "tomorrow" I didn't really mean tomorrow in the calendar sense of the word.  However, without further ado let me introduce: Yes, on Tuesday I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of a skein of yarn by Brooklyn Tweed.  Loop of… Continue reading Very special American sheep

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You only had to ask….

Yes, apparently so.  "Rain, rain, go away," I said.  And the next day, this: Blossom!  Blue skies!  Just like in the 'real' blogs - you know, the ones written by people who don't spend the first ten minutes at work every day trying to blow-dry their legs using the hand dryer in the Ladies'. I… Continue reading You only had to ask….

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Rain, rain, go away

I think in Norfolk it has rained for the entire month of April.  I may be wrong, but not by much.  When it hasn't been raining, it has been windy.  The sun has put in an occasional appearance, but on the whole it has rained.  Anyone with any sense at all has either stayed at… Continue reading Rain, rain, go away