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Work in progress – Maroon sweater

A lot of my weekend was spent alternating between knitting and watching Kojak; perfect partners for the grim, grey, rainy days we had in Norfolk. Oh, I did chores too, plenty of chores. I washed and cleaned and shopped for groceries, because I am far from advocating a life where all one does is knit… Continue reading Work in progress – Maroon sweater

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Quote of the Week – An Incantation

What better setting for today's quote than a cemetery? As alluded to in my previous post, this part of the Incantation, from Byron's "metaphysical drama" Manfred, has been very much on my mind these past days. To be fair, it has been a favourite for more time than I can remember, but not much thought… Continue reading Quote of the Week – An Incantation

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Autumn wardrobe… of inks!

So, I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. I decided the time had come to re-ink my fountain pens and these are the four that have made it into the "regular rotation" for the coming weeks. The inks I have gone for are displayed on a page in my lovely general notebook from Mark +… Continue reading Autumn wardrobe… of inks!

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Hinc Illae Lacrimae/Quote of the Week

In honour of the wonderful Jacquline Pearce who lost her last tussle with cancer this week, a quote from Blake's 7 (best ever British TV show, of which I am still a great fan). Jacks "Darling" played the arch-villainess Servalan and has had a very definite influence on my lifestyle, although that has only dawned… Continue reading Hinc Illae Lacrimae/Quote of the Week


Knitting (in) circles

I thought I would break with recent tradition and grace the page with a photograph of a piece of knitting, and not a moment too soon I hear you say if you've been following this blog thinking it was about knitting. Thus far, I have knit a number of nice woolly cowls to stock this… Continue reading Knitting (in) circles

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Quote of the Week

This week's quote is my favourite passage from "The Magus" by John Fowles. This novel is still in print and I thoroughly recommend giving it a read. These words have stayed with me through so many years (I first read them in the late 1970s) and still I come back to them repeatedly. I don't… Continue reading Quote of the Week

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The Snail and The Multi-tasker

There, that would be a parable for our modern times, wouldn't it? Multi-tasking has been much on my mind in recent months, along with micro-managing, 'slow' living, the modern ways of the world compared to the ways of my youth; and if that makes me sound like Methuselah, I admit that's how I sometimes feel.… Continue reading The Snail and The Multi-tasker

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Quote of the Week

From Theo Kojak Everyone's favourite well-dressed, bald, Greek, lollipop-sucking, 1970s New York cop. "Greeks don't make threats... ... they utter prophesies." (This classic show from my teenage years is being shown on ITV4 every lunchtime and is currently the highlight of my days. And don't you just love the cops in the background trimming the… Continue reading Quote of the Week


Last day of summer

Today really feels like the last day of summer to me, although surely it will not be the last hot, sunny day we have. This morning, in the heart of Norwich, with the sunlight dappling the trees near the historic Cow Tower, it seemed for all the world as if summer was turning back to… Continue reading Last day of summer