I have finally got past the 2″ obstruction on this Christmas knitting project, so big sighs of relief all-round. It took a lot of getting to this point, but it finally feels like the garment is going to happen. Most importantly, it is now a piece of knitting that I feel inclined to pick up and work on and it hasn’t felt like that up to now.

When I started this for the fifth time, I wasn’t holding out any hope. I had decided to go up a needle size because the fabric felt too dense using 4.5mm needles, but I still wasn’t convinced that this yarn choice was going to work out. Worse yet, I was pretty sure the item wasn’t knitting up to the size I wanted. I had an idea that it might seem better if I used a circular needle for the knitting as it would allow the width of the piece to stretch out and might give me a better feel for the size, but then I found I didn’t have the correct size of circular needle. This gave me the push I needed to think what the heck, I’d just plough on and either finish it and work out who it would fit, or give up on it later down the line. Sometimes I over-think things and I don’t start enjoying them until I stop thinking about them. This is definitely one of those times.

I will say that this project is a nightmare to photograph. The colour wants to blow out and show as a plummy pink, and that’s when I can actually get the camera to focus on it. This was the best image of about 30 that I shot. The trick seems to be finding an accessory to have within the photo which gives the camera something else to think about.

All the wondering about whether this project was actually going to get off the ground ended up providing me with inspiration for the other stalled Christmas gift I intend to knit, so it was doubly productive. I’m almost feeling that I want to have both on the go at once and pick up whichever grabs my fancy each evening. That would be either a recipe for success or a recipe for disaster, and I’m not entirely sure which.

The funny thing is, it’s only now, writing this post and looking at the photo that I notice I have taken a shot of the inside of the garment, not the outside! This project is knitted in reverse stocking stitch so the bumpy side will be the one on show. Never mind – I’ll pretend I’ve done it as a distraction in case the recipient happens to read the blog.

4 thoughts on “Eight inches later

  1. I decided to gift some knitted Christmas ornaments (or Christmas balls, whatever) and they have been such a struggle! They’re fiddly to start, and my first two sets of yarn choices were poor. The first was cheap yarn whose colors bled when I blocked it. The second I used a merino yarn (I’m trying to only use yarns from my stash) where the little fuzzies made the color look as if it were bleeding. I’m on my third combo and I think I’ve found the yarn/gauge sweet spot. The balls aren’t hard to knit, but they’ve been such a drag that I only knit for a bit and then go find something else to do. Hopefully now that I’ve found the right combo, I can knit these up in a jiffy and check them off the list!

    1. Oh, I feel your pain on this one! I love how those knitted baubles look, but I just know they would have me crying in the corner before I’d done even one. Good for you for persevering and I hope your “final” combination works a treat.

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