Another new month brings the opportunity for me to be creative with a double-page spread in my journal. This is one of the few items that I have blatantly stolen from the many videos and Instagram posts I consume about Bullet Journals, although I’ve put my own spin on it by noting down the main points from my monthly horoscope. This is interesting, especially when I look back as the end of the month draws close to see if any of it “came true” (by which I mean whether anything which happened seemed in retrospect to fit with a prediction).

The overall effect I’ve achieved for September is rather muted because of the sticker set I used. This is another washi sticker sheet from Note and Wish, which I bought as part of their summer sale. This one – Rose Quartz – looks particularly nice beside the Graf von Faber-Castell Burned Orange ink, although it might have been even better in collaboration with Diamine’s Burgundy Royale. Pink isn’t really a shade I particularly associate with September, but I’m open to creative licence and just because autumn is on the doorstep doesn’t mean I have to suddenly be sticking conkers on everything.

Hopefully these rosy tones will be matched by blushing dawns and those sunsets where the clouds catch the faintest tinge of the setting sun. I can hope. There haven’t been too many of them around here so far, more wall-to-wall grey clouds, but decking out my journal with slate-coloured stickers would be too much of a sacrifice.

After I’d written this double-page it was back to the green ink which looks like it will last for a few more days. I’m looking forward to moving on from the greens, but I’ve enjoyed the Viper Green a lot. I wonder if I will be able to resist inking up another pen when this one runs dry. I want to get out of the habit of having one too many pens in my case than I need, but as soon as one is empty the pretty inks start to call to me and they are so hard to resist. What we need around here is a bit more willpower….

5 thoughts on “So September

  1. After I bought a new fountain pen and some ink pots, I feel that it’s a slippery slope. I have now bought 4 new pens, although cheaper ones. A Pilot little meteor and three TWSBI pens, a Go, a Swipe and an ECO T,, which is really nice.
    I bought a journal and am now dipping my toes and into bullet journaling. Until now I used a Moleskine week a page, but it’s not fountain pen friendly and has too much ghosting. Still I prefer a simple layout without much artwork. I just want to keep track of my appointments and my perfumes and cooking.

    1. That’s so good to hear. I’m really glad you’re enjoying your fountain pens and I wholeheartedly approve of buying at the price point you’re comfortable with. My friend has an A5 Filofax and a dated page-a-day journal which she happily uses with ballpoint pens – she’s very fond of the Zebra Sarasa ones. I think the best thing about pen and paper is that you’re much more free to develop your own style of using it. Yes, there are printed varieties which very much direct how you use them, but even with them you can be more flexible than you can with an app which is designed to work one way regardless of your own needs. These monthly spreads are the most artistic I get and it’s nice once a month, but I wouldn’t want to do it any more often. Tracking your perfumes in your journal sounds really good! I do envy you your perfume collection and the fact that you wear such a variety throughout each week. It’s almost time to break out my Aromatics Elixir again – I put it away for the summer, but I reckon it’s getting time to be wearing something heavier again.

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