Close encounters with a camera

Taken in Alex's Bothy On Monday I had the second part of my photography training with my friend Alex who is kindly encouraging me to put a little more effort into this area. For our second session we indulged in studio work. Alex inherited a lovely out-building which she has set up as a place… Continue reading Close encounters with a camera

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April showers bring forth May flowers

Okay, well our climate didn't get it quite right this year and we had to wait for the May downpours to do their work before we could enjoy a blossoming forth in June. But summer seems to be here and for that we can be grateful, even those of us who prefer the chillier months… Continue reading April showers bring forth May flowers



I spent many happy hours yesterday sorting through the folders of old photos stored on the external hard drive I have for my computer. This began as an attempt to find some of the 'missing' knitwear photos, but soon morphed into a general tidy-up and rediscovery of all kinds of memories. I love days like… Continue reading Photography

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Looking out

In my youth I was rubbish at taking photos and I do like the fact that the digital age has revolutionised photography. I think the most important thing I've learned about taking photos is the importance of keeping my eyes open, seeing the details. Although we can capture a wide vista in a photo, often… Continue reading Looking out

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Knitting photographs

There has been steady progress on my Gaudi cardigan and lace-back mitt over the past week, but nothing hugely interesting to photograph, so I thought I would talk a bit today about what I use to take my photographs. This has been prompted by the fact that over the past few days I have been… Continue reading Knitting photographs


Why “Palms Socks”?

You may be wondering why I've decided to name this pair of socks "Palms Socks".  Well, this is why: If you click on this photo to see it larger, the print on the left as you look at it is the exact same colours that appear in the yarn for these socks.  The print is… Continue reading Why “Palms Socks”?