I spent many happy hours yesterday sorting through the folders of old photos stored on the external hard drive I have for my computer. This began as an attempt to find some of the 'missing' knitwear photos, but soon morphed into a general tidy-up and rediscovery of all kinds of memories. I love days like… Continue reading Photography

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Looking out

In my youth I was rubbish at taking photos and I do like the fact that the digital age has revolutionised photography. I think the most important thing I've learned about taking photos is the importance of keeping my eyes open, seeing the details. Although we can capture a wide vista in a photo, often… Continue reading Looking out

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Knitting photographs

There has been steady progress on my Gaudi cardigan and lace-back mitt over the past week, but nothing hugely interesting to photograph, so I thought I would talk a bit today about what I use to take my photographs. This has been prompted by the fact that over the past few days I have been… Continue reading Knitting photographs