Last Chance Saloon – Phase 3-ish

Now I'm nearing the end of my desk improvement project, also known as "Last Chance Saloon", I'm taking a look back to remind myself where I've come from. I don't really have any good photos of the my desk as it was before I started recording my changes, but this is how things stood at… Continue reading Last Chance Saloon – Phase 3-ish

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Last Chance Saloon – Phase 2

Another day, and still chipping away at the desk setup. The shelves arrived this morning from The Futon Company and were relatively easy to put together. There are a lot of screws in this little unit, but that does make it nice and sturdy for such a simple design. Now the big question is whether… Continue reading Last Chance Saloon – Phase 2

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Further thoughts

I've spent an absurd amount of time this week pondering the desk situation and it came to me yesterday that perhaps I am trying to make one space do the work that properly belongs to two separate spaces. Let me explain. When I think of the word "desk" my mind conjures up two entirely separate… Continue reading Further thoughts