I’ve been considering a change or two in my planning system in preparation for next year, and one of these has been to rethink how I’m going to use the week to a page diary inserts. My original intention was to interleave a blank lined page between each, thus carrying on with the system that’s worked the past year or two with. Now, though, I’ve settled on having the week view for appointments and headlines, plus a To Do list to capture the things which will be needed that week.

This change has come about because I am smitten by a desire to change up the way I keep my journal. The urge or, indeed, the need, has been building to add a more concrete daily plan and review routine into my life. Since I’m going to be rocking my William Hannah notebook as my planner through 2023, it made sense to go with their Undated Daily Journaling Page. I’ve flirted with this in the past, but without much enthusiasm. Indeed, when I considered adding a more structured daily plan, I almost passed this option by. It is only very recently that I have come to a point where I think there may be a benefit to changing my ways.

The Undated Journaling Page (they also offer a dated version called the 50 Day Intention Pack) is a 2 page per day insert. They suggest you complete the first side in the morning to set your intentions for the day and then the second side at the end of the “working day” to review your thoughts. This combination didn’t sit comfortably with my current type of journal entries which are written in the morning and are very loose… free-form… scattered, even. They are not quite the stream-of-consciousness “morning pages” espoused by Julia Cameron, but they sit somewhere between that and the more structured format in the William Hannah pages.

I’ve ordered a couple of packs of the journaling pages which should arrive before the new year. I like consistency and the idea of starting a fresh format at the beginning of the year appeals, especially when it comes to archiving. However, I also support the theory that you shouldn’t wait for a milestone future point to start changes, so for the rest of December I’m going to use the new format in my existing journal notebook. That should give ample opportunity to work out my own interpretation of the given categories and I can hit 2023 on a decisive note. Mind you, after a couple of days of hand-writing the headings, it will be a miracle if I don’t start using the printed sheets as soon as they get here!

I have already come up with a plan of action is to complete the first side every morning, when I would have been writing my free-form journal entry. As I’ve just moved my desk into its winter position to make room for my Christmas tree, I feel inspired to sit there in the mornings and evenings.

During my evening session I will complete the reflection areas, which is closer to the journaling I have been doing in the morning. It is tempting to think this kind of review needs to be done at the end of the day, just before bed, but I came across the suggestion to do it before you move from your activities to your leisure time. I like the idea of sitting at my desk to wrap up the day before I head for the settee to knit, watch TV, or consume mindless social media. It’s a change of routine and I will need to work on it, but which I think will be quite beneficial.

I’ve reverted to the pens that are firmly in my comfort zone for the festive season – mainly Waterman and Cross – filled with favourite inks like the Graf von Faber-Castell Moss Green. Since my brother gifted me his Mont Blanc Slim Line, it has been living in the William Hannah pen band and I have been using it for my diary. It behaves flawlessly and, whilst part of me feels it shouldn’t be knocking around in my bag every day, it is perfectly suited to this role. I love the Montblanc Midnight Blue ink I’ve currently got in it, but when that eventually runs out I will be more than ready for a change.

I think I’ll end with a little reminder that I’ve chosen to buy the William Hannah inserts this year, but there are tons of other options out in the world which will suit the same purpose. Looking at all the lovely designs is part of the fun the stationery world brings.

4 thoughts on “Intentions

  1. Another interesting article.
    Food for thought as to approach 2023 isn’t as for me as it is for you…….still playing weighing up alternatives and hacks that might help/

  2. Pam,
    Lesson from this morning’s unintelligble post is extremely early in the morning when you’re over tired stay away from making comments.
    As I was trying to say I’m not as well organised as you for 2023 this year still dithering on 2/3 setups – WH as weekly with to dos and Journal or general note taking – only problem is much as I love using my WH it doesn’t hold very much paper so an alternative is a Leuchttrum weekly planner in TN style cover with a moleskine cahier for to dos and another for Ideas, observations, etc and I have my TN which I am immensely enjoying as it is highly portable and due to being narrower then full size A5 requires notes to be more concise (not a bad thing!) and whilst all this is being mulled over the WH could become my journal and an Atoma discbound cover from Cult pens could hold a discbound weekly planner – decisions, decisions.

    Interesting filofax hacks articles on philofaxy that could readily be used in a discbound cover- quite clever ideas, would suggest a look

    1. Unintelligible comments are just fine by me. I sympathise with your difficulties in making a choice. In many ways we are suffering from having too many options. The fact that the WH doesn’t hold too much paper is my main reason for opting for it this year. I’ve experimented with different paper sizes and A5 remains the only one I really gel with, but it’s big and it’s bulky. If I ever end up opting for a Filofax-only system, I would have to look at getting a compact A5 version, but that would be the same capacity as the WH.

      The weekly planner + cahier is a solid option. Have you looked at the Stamford Notebook Company? They do weekly planners and TN style inserts and I’ve found their paper an absolute joy. To me, it runs hand-in-hand with the WH paper in terms of quality.

      I do feel getting the pen band has revolutionised how I feel about the WH as an everyday carry. Next week will be the first one using the WH weekly diary and I’m looking forward to that. My lovely bundle of WH inserts arrived yesterday so I’ve set up the daily intention pages in one of their archive sets as I don’t need to carry these around with me in my main notebook. I only hope this won’t have me thinking that I need to order a custom notebook and pen band so that I can have one as my everyday carry and one for my intention pages……

  3. Pam,
    Agree with you completely about A5 being the size that gels and the disadvantage of its size and bulk which is why I have been using the TN system – full A5 height but 110mm width as opposed to 140 -. Am getting the hang of it now and really enjoying the lack of bulk and the easy portability for every day use.
    I must try WH notebook with one of their pen bands I recently acquired and hope that it has the same effect on my use of WH as yours had on your use of WH. I already have plenty of other WH inserts so no problem playing around with those . The WH remains, at the moment, my desk based ‘go to’ planner & notebook.
    I looked at a custom WH (very nice!) but couldn’t really justify the extra cost for the use I felt I would give it.
    Thank you for the pointer about the Stamford Notebook Company. Have heard about them but not tried as yet. Will have to have a look and try some.
    The custom version and pen band for intention pages or journal could be a very nice Christmas present….!!

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