Just a brief one today because I’m immersed in a couple of bigger projects this week – one necessary, the other not quite so much.

I have, though, achieved one little thing and that is to finish the fourth pair of socks in my self-imposed Six Socks challenge. I took my time over these, but had a big push over a couple of evenings to get them done. I love the finished result – the dyeing of this yarn (Speckled Eggs on the Sturdy Sock base by Noodle Soup Yarns) is spectacular. It’s going to be a lot of fun wearing these, especially come next Easter. I’ve ended up with exactly 25g of the yarn left over for another day. It would make lovely linings for either a collar or pockets on a plain dark garment. It’s an effect I have always been fond of: that semi-hidden flash of excitement in an otherwise sober outfit, the garish back to a grey waistcoat or the man who lifts the leg of his business suit to reveal his navy blue socks have a superhero on them. Silk ties! Should I admit that I follow some random man on Instagram who posts photos of his lovely suits? No, probably not!

Whilst finishing the socks I put my larger, secretive knitting project onto the back-burner, but soon I must resume my efforts in that direction. Time seems to be moving in a strange way at the moment, too fast in some ways and too slowly in others. Surely soon these extremes must balance each other out and result in time moving exactly as I presume it should.

At the end of this week, or at the beginning of next week depending on how time eddies around this particular task, I’ll be taking the blog offline for a short while to give it a whole new livery. In preparation for that, I’m archiving my older blog posts outside the blog and I’m intending to keep about a year’s posts live. I’ve fought shy of doing this in the past because I know there are a few people like myself in the world who like to read all the back-posts when they find a new blog they really like. But I’m going to take a leaf out of Apple’s book and keep things lithe, it’s what we fans like to call “elegant” when we compare the Apple ecosystem with those of its rivals. I toyed with the idea of simply moving on from PamAlisonKnits and starting the blog afresh with a new name and new look, but there’s no compelling reason for a change of that magnitude. There will always be knitting here, as well as all the other random stuff that falls out of my head, so PamAlisonKnits it will remain for the foreseeable future.

My next three tasks today are to take photos for this blog post, do my ironing, and water my plants. Then it will be time for lunch – hurrah!

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