I’ve worked diligently at my knitting this past week. I unpicked the front of the Lace Panel Sweater from the armhole to a couple of inches above the hem and re-knitted it, changing the location of the waist shaping. This has improved the whole look and I’m so glad I decided not to simply make do with my original attempt. I do love the texture of the lace stitch I’ve chosen for this version; I think it would make a really nice scarf.

I haven’t decided yet which piece of the sweater I will cast on next. The back will be a nice quick run of stocking stitch, with just the waist shaping to break the dreamy flow of the knitting. If I decide to work on the sleeves then I’ll have to decide what I want to do as far as the lace embellishment goes. I have the lace stitch embedded in my memory at the moment so it might well make sense to carry on with the pieces that will use it.

I found a couple of knots as I wound the skein of wool ready for this project, and so I ended up with a couple quite small balls which I’ve used in this piece. I’ve been astonished by how quickly they disappeared. In fact, it has left me convinced that I’m not going to have enough yarn to finish the jumper. I always think that and I’m usually wrong, but just in case I need to resort to a co-ordinating neckband, I’ve allocated this half-ball of hand-dyed DK yarn to the project. The colours suit each other really well and the yarns have a similar level of squishiness. Of course, now it’s in my mind that I might like to do a co-ordinating neckband regardless of necessity.

The downside of this productivity is that I haven’t added a single stitch to the Slope Rib Sweater, which has sat patiently awaiting its return to the spotlight.

Now that the front of the Lace Panel Sweater is done, it won’t take long at all to finish this sleeve. That will put me approximately 1/5 of the way through both projects. Because I like to have vague goals hovering in the back of my mind, I’d quite like to have these two finished around Easter. That would give me a few weeks of wear before the weather gets too warm and the sweaters are set aside until the autumn. I’m not sure how realistic the goal is, but I can dream.

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