It’s a funny thing, having nothing to write a blog post about, knowing it doesn’t matter, that it’s counter-productive to force it, but not quite being able to set aside the desire to write.

I’ve been trying to decide which ink I should use on my main planner pages throughout March which is the month I’ve allocated to these oh-so-pretty stickers by Note & Wish, one of my birthday gifts. The hopeful, spring-like flower sprigs, together with cosy winter knits, and a decidedly foggy colour palette, seem fitting for March – the month that can never decide which season it truly belongs to.

I think the Lamy Benitoite is close to perfect this time. Whilst it is never the colour I want it to be, it is just muted enough to work with the various shades in the stickers. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t looked at other ink options and if I wanted to buy another ink I could, I think, have come closer to my vision. Yet shopping my existing inks has given me more pleasure and saved me money; lots of money, actually, as the shades I liked were all from the most expensive brands.

It’s a bit of a shame I’m ready for March now, because we’re only halfway through February.

5 thoughts on “Nothing to write home about

  1. I’m from Chicago, where the winter is crazy cold and snowy this year. I was ready for March in January! (Always good to be prepared, right?)

    1. Ooh Chicago? I have two of the main character in the novel I’m writing visit Chicago, and the first introduction to one of the character is by way of a letter from one of them to the other in which he mentions that his son has been snowed into his Chicago home.
      Here in Norfolk, UK, our temperatures dipped below freezing for a few days and we had a week with a light covering of snow, and you’d think we’d been living in Antarctica the way we’ve behaved! We’re rubbish at winters here.
      I hope the weather improves for you and, yes, get prepared – summer is coming!

    2. That sounds like a fun novel! We are well and truly buried in today. Hopefully the roads will be passable tomorrow. Makes me glad I’m a knitter. Stay warm!

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