Thinking about my needlepoint reminded me of my other longest-standing unfinished object and I had to search out the pieces so I could once again hang my head in shame. Here, then, is the state of The Beaded Christmas Bauble at the beginning of this week.

I’m not entirely sure whether the bauble or the cushion cover came first, indeed they probably both date to a very similar time period. Perhaps even more so than the cushion cover, the beaded bauble challenges my eyesight and my patience. I recoil from the perfidy of all of those tiny clear beads (rocailles) which beg to be allowed to roll onto the floor and escape detection by any means other than the bare, unsuspecting foot. The beads are looped onto the gossamer thread with a needle so fine that it can have been designed for no other purpose than to glide effortlessly through the skin of a finger. And, whilst it looks for all the world as if the beads sit neatly and securely over the bauble, in fact they drape like a cape and the minute you glance away from them the whole edifice turns upside-down and the little beaded cloak slips off. Further along in the construction, you get to a point where the beaded cover encloses the bauble and it’s all much more stable, but that point lingers in some tantalising but unobtainable future.

I know all about the construction of the beaded bauble because…. da-dah!

Yes! I have already constructed one of these baubles. I made it in a rush of enthusiasm the year I bought the kit, but the second one seems to have a curious ability to linger. Every autumn I promise myself I will make it and have it ready to put on the tree; every Christmas I find I have not even looked at it.

If I added just a couple of beads each and every day of the year, the blue bauble would eventually be done. Like all projects, it simply needs to be worked on consistently and progress will be made. I could make a start any minute of any day, but I don’t and I won’t.

I love my pink beaded bauble and I feel very proud of the fact I have made such a lovely object for myself, so the time has come when I need to grow up and proclaim that I am never going to make the Blue Beaded Bauble. Let’s face it, if I was going to make it, I’d have done it by now, wouldn’t I? The bauble itself can join the other unadorned decorations on my tree and the beads can be donated to a friend.

Do you have anything lingering that is outside your comfort zone and that you will do anything to avoid picking up? Is it time to let go?

4 thoughts on “Some objects are never finished

    1. Regular reassessment is a good habit to get into. It’s easy to develop a blind spot to things which aren’t really ever going to get finished whereby the unfinished object itself becomes part of the funiture of your life and you forget to be irritated by it.

    1. Ah, now that’s an idea! A beaded cloak for each member of my bubble…. why it would only take 70,000 years to complete.
      Thank you for bringing a giggle to my morning!

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