I think “holey” is the best description for a week where I worked on my current lace-panel knit, carried out minor surgery (local aneasthetic only!!) on another lace-motif garment, and discovered one pair of well-worn socks suddenly lacked heels.

My Heather Sweater is progressing, albeit slowly, and I’m edging ever closer to the armhole and v-neck shaping which will call for a bit of concentration. I’ve also worked a bit on my sock and am now heading down towards the toe. The grim discovery of the deceased pair means this project will achieve the ‘one in, one out’ goal loved by minimalists without any effort whatsoever on my part.

I decided not to go ahead with the grey whisp I had on the needles last week; it was nothing more than a vague notion about using up some oddments of wool to make a sleeveless ‘base layer’, and I’m not in the mood to do that at this point in time. I want to concentrate on the Heather Sweater because it will be a great addition to my autumn wardrobe.

So here’s an outfit that has seen some modifications this week. The skirt lining was annoying me by riding up as I was walking (a trait shared by all three of my new autumn skirts). Luckily, all that was needed to rectify this was to attach a simple cord to each side between the lining and the side seam, making sure to keep it loose enough to allow the skirt and lining to hang correctly. It made for an enjoyable hour with needle and thread and now all three skirts will be even better to wear than before.

Next I tackled the problems with the Grape Fade Rimini cardigan. I can now reveal that this was the mystery knit I mentioned in last week’s post. I was disappointed with the fit and therefore avoiding all thought of it. There was no way I was going to wear it and, in fact, I was seriously considering unpicking it and using the wool to knit a jumper. Another, less drastic idea was to unpick the side and sleeve seams then add an insert to improve the fit. Luckily, I have avoided doing either of these, I have simply turned this cardigan into a jumper by sewing the button-band closed. It turns out I have a problem with tight cardigans, but not a problem with tight jumpers.

Now it only remains to be seen if I start to wear it; being lightweight but warm it should be just the job under my autumn coat.

2 thoughts on “Holey knits, Batman!

  1. If you take out the cardigan, tears will be shed. Really. It is stunning. That being said, it isn’t going to be happy if it stays in the chest. right?

    1. I feel quite optimistic about this now that I’ve sewn the button band closed. It’s an action I’ve taken a couple of times before when a cardigan hasn’t really hit the right note with me. I agree there will be tears all round if I do end up not wearing it.

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