In truth, I have regrets. Today, specifically, something has occurred to me about one of this year’s knitting projects, leaving me with a yen to take drastic action. I can’t help but wonder which course is likely to lead to fewest regrets in the long run. I haven’t made a decision yet about what I’m going to do and I’m not going to divulge which project is causing me concern, but I am flagging up here and now that something in this pile of finished objects isn’t making me happy.

Don’t worry, it isn’t the Cucumber Vintage Sweater! The only reason that isn’t in this group shot is that it’s been washed and put away with my summer clothes. That sweater gives me all the good vibes and I sneakily invested in a new summer skirt just as the weather turned colder which is going to look adorable paired with it. I must say knowing I have a brand new skirt ready for the spring is a very good feeling.

The trouble is, now I see it in the group shot, I really like the item that is causing me concern. Perhaps it’s just that I haven’t worked out the best way to wear it yet. All the more reason not to make any rash decisions.

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