I took myself and my camera on a fungus walk this week as I expected to see at least some evidence in my local meadow of interesting toadstools or mushrooms after all the recent rain. Preparing myself for disappointment, I reasoned that I would at least come back with some photos of a train going over the river; instead, I got berries. There were lots of berries. Oh, and acorns, which I couldn’t get a decent photo of, try as I might. I’m going to return soon and photograph the acorns.

On waking this morning, I was hit by a sudden shaft of illumination about a future knitting project. For quite some time I’ve been wanting to knit Marion Foales’ classic Emily sweater, but I’ve never been one hundred percent sure about the length and shape. But now? Well, now I know I will knit it soon, and I think I will use that mid-blue cone of wool, but I am going to crop it so that the hem lies between my waist and hips. I think the boxy shape will make a bit of a change worn with skirts and be more suited to me than the under-hip version of the original. I’ll work Moss Stitch instead of ribbing for the hems, change the neckline, and modify the diamond stitch design a little. There is room for the latter change, but I will approach with caution as I can foresee a danger of raising the diamond shapes: two of them could begin to look like decorations suspended from one’s bosoms! I am sure this played a part in the original design process for the jumper.

However, that is in the the nebulous region I like to call “the future”. For now, I need to cast on the front of my Heather Sweater and/or work on the socks. I haven’t picked up my knitting since the beginning of the week, but it is high time I did so.

I will leave you with more berries (anyone else thinking of fruit crumble and custard?).

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