The sun doesn’t always shine in my neck of the woods, in fact I think it may have been contacted by the NHS and told to self-isolate the past few days. Since it’s just grey today, rather than grey and pouring with rain, I took a stroll by the river, chatted with the swans, and grabbed a few groceries at my local supermarket.

Still, the weather seems to have bucked up my spirits no end and I feel eager for the next bit of life now. I’ve been steadily plugging away at my writing, pondering Christmas presents, and knitting. In fact, last night I was thinking about knitting a pair of socks to wear come the Season and ended up browsing the special yarns people are hand-dyeing for festive knitting. After a while it occurred to me that I already had a ball of sock yarn which includes some red that would be well-suited to this project. As it was a gift from my friends, this is a very appropriate time to make a pair of socks with it. They will remind me of the good times when I wear them.

Funnily enough, yesterday morning my horoscope told me I’d be late getting to bed because a sudden revelation would stop my brain relaxing. I, of course, decided that was never going to happen, then sat half an hour after my normal bedtime deciding on the best needles for the project.

I am going to knit a contrast cuff, heel and toe on this sock, an unheard-of departure for me. Whilst a nice Christmas green would have suited it well I don’t have such a shade in my stash. This sludgy green picks up the browns in the West Yorkshire Spinners yarn nicely so I think it will work. I usually have getting on for half a ball of yarn left when I finish a pair of socks and it occurs to me that I might end up with enough in this ball to make two pairs, just varying the contrast yarn. That’s an interesting thought.


My thoughts are scattered and they’re cloudy

They have no borders, no boundaries

Simon & Garfunkel

3 thoughts on “Nothing but grey skies

    1. Ah, when I said “the sun doesn’t always shine in my neck of the woods” I was implying that it usually does shine, but sometimes it doesn’t. Quite often on social media we choose to post pictures that paint our home towns as constantly blessed with sunny days and forget to even it out with ones that show the gloomy, rainy days.

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