Tiny stitches

"I've seen it, it's rubbish." Marvin The Paranoid Android(from Douglas Adams' The Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy) I woke up today in a bit of a funny mood. Edgy. Unsure. Rather impatient with things always carrying on the same. In a state of lockdown angst for inexplicable reasons. I felt that yesterday had left me… Continue reading Tiny stitches

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I've been doing some very gentle plotting this past couple of days as a result of trying to deduce what I actually think about my autumn/winter clothing and how that affects my knits. Thus far, I have concluded that I am good for skirts but a bit light on trousers for what is, essentially, trouser-wearing… Continue reading Knit-plot

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Acquisitions at home and abroad

One of my aims this year is to buy yarn as and when I need it, with specific projects in mind. I am trying to be more focused on what I want to knit and the yarn best suited to each project. It turns out that doesn't preclude the occasional purchase on a whim. I've… Continue reading Acquisitions at home and abroad


Mend me, baby, one more time

Okay, well, a Britney Spears reference may not be quite what we were expecting today, but she'll do. After posting last week about the whole sock-mending option not working for me, I took a second look at the four pairs that that I had set aside to do some repair work on. I gave the… Continue reading Mend me, baby, one more time

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Pile of plans

Back from my "staycation" holiday and buzzing with ideas which rapidly need to be transformed into goals and achieved. I previously alluded to my desire to earn my living using more of my creativity, and one part of this is my plan to open an Etsy shop selling hand-knitted accessories and baby clothes. Over the… Continue reading Pile of plans

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Rain, rain, go away

I think in Norfolk it has rained for the entire month of April.  I may be wrong, but not by much.  When it hasn't been raining, it has been windy.  The sun has put in an occasional appearance, but on the whole it has rained.  Anyone with any sense at all has either stayed at… Continue reading Rain, rain, go away

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Dubious reasons for buying wool

Okay, this counts as a very dubious purchase.  A little while ago I looked through my button tin and noticed how many perfectly usable sets of brand new buttons I had in there.  Mainly in shades of green.  I am, you see, guilty of buying buttons that don't quite work in the context of whichever… Continue reading Dubious reasons for buying wool