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Come back, Kojak, all is forgiven

I have a finished object! See - here I am wearing it. Isn't it super? I love it! There's a couple of things I'd do differently if I made it again: most importantly, I would probably use a size smaller needles to give the fabric a slightly denser texture, but all in all I'm really… Continue reading Come back, Kojak, all is forgiven

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Need inspiration?

I've been working recently on re-composing my inspiration board. The board itself is marvellous with a lovely summery beaches-and-boats fabric. When I was a little girl I had a dress with a sailboat print, and I keep looking every summer to see if anyone manufactures anything similar to bedeck the more mature me. Until that… Continue reading Need inspiration?

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Is this an appropriate time to knit in public?

  The good news is, I have a finished object! The less good news is that I can't show a picture because it's my super-secret Christmas knitting. I'm pleased to have this finished in good time for gifting, and to have it finished just in order not to see it in my work basket any… Continue reading Is this an appropriate time to knit in public?

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Quote of the week – As a supplicant

Forty-five years ago, the writers of "Kojak" had thoughts on cultural divides that are still worth bearing in mind today. These words were proffered by Lieutenant Kojak for translation into Chinese for the benefit of an old lady whose help he needed. "Tell her I come as a supplicant. Tell her I realise that a… Continue reading Quote of the week – As a supplicant

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Quote of the Week

From Theo Kojak Everyone's favourite well-dressed, bald, Greek, lollipop-sucking, 1970s New York cop. "Greeks don't make threats... ... they utter prophesies." (This classic show from my teenage years is being shown on ITV4 every lunchtime and is currently the highlight of my days. And don't you just love the cops in the background trimming the… Continue reading Quote of the Week