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Next knitting update

That is quite some knitting progress for one week. I finished the front of the sweater with one further modification, again to add a little extra length in the armhole. I chose to work it after the neck shaping to make the neckline sit just a smidge lower than it shows in the pattern. It… Continue reading Next knitting update


What 1973 looks like

To me, 1973 looks like heaven, but then perhaps it always did. I wanted to be a grown-up in 1973, and it's only now, almost a lifetime later, that I have hit upon the solution to this problem by writing the life a person could have lived if they had been a grown-up in 1973.… Continue reading What 1973 looks like


Something a little different

Just leaping in today to mention that I've started a sister-blog to this one as a space where I can track my creative writing endeavours. It's now up and running with my first post in what I hope will be a weekly series. I won't be cross-posting on a regular basis, but if you'd like… Continue reading Something a little different


Cuttings books

Here's something I don't often talk about: I keep scrapbooks of ephemera I've clipped from magazines over the years. I also stick in some postcards from family and friends, but mainly it's just pictures, ideas, sometimes words and occasionally whole articles that I have wanted to keep for inspiration. It's a haphazard pursuit. I can… Continue reading Cuttings books

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Finished object: Rimini Cardigan

Here she is! The Rimini Cardigan, pattern by Martin Storey from the Jaeger JB16 brochure printed in 2003. Knitted in six shades of John Arbon Textiles Knit By Numbers 4-ply wool in the Grape colourway. Buttons from my button box, can't remember where I originally bought them. Oh, this is a lovely garment and I'm… Continue reading Finished object: Rimini Cardigan


Fiction vs. Fact

When I was fourteen, I thought I'd never meet any people as interesting as the ones I read about in books. When I was thirty-eight, I thought my fourteen-year-old self was wrong and that I could prove it as soon as I met the right real people. Now I'm sixty and I know I was… Continue reading Fiction vs. Fact