Last chance saloon – Phase 1

It feels like I have been writing this post for days on end, which is fitting because nothing plays on my mind as much as much as pondering what to do about my desk. I have written before about the fact that my desk space isn't working in my new flat, but I keep persevering… Continue reading Last chance saloon – Phase 1


It ain’t me who’s gonna leave…

Something's in the naughty drawer! Even as I wrote in the middle of last week  about my knitting ennui, I was already pretty convinced that my Fairisle Tank Top would win out, if only because nothing else was coming close to catching my interest. And so I ploughed on and knitted the next row of… Continue reading It ain’t me who’s gonna leave…

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Waterman Allure Fountain Pen

There's a new kid in town and it's the Waterman Allure fountain pen. I'm sure I have mentioned how much I like Waterman fountain pens and every so often I visit their website to drool over pens that I can't afford. I have never seen the Allure before and that turns out to be because… Continue reading Waterman Allure Fountain Pen



So, today in the UK we are celebrating National Tea Day which is, arguably, the single best celebration for the time we currently find ourselves in. What could be better than staying at home with a cuppa and a nice slice of cake? Very British, of course, but I like to think wherever you are… Continue reading Tea

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Haven’t I seen you before?

The Knitting Revisited When I was very young, my big sister and/or brother had a record I was fond of which included a version of Joni Mitchell's song "The Circle Game". I'm experiencing that carousel feeling of 'been here, done this' working on the second version of my Fairisle Tank Top. At least the ribbing… Continue reading Haven’t I seen you before?


Hacking my planner bookmark

I've always had a soft spot for a 6-inch metal ruler, which may be rooted in my love of underlining things. I'm very fond of a date and/or title double-underlined in a contrasting ink colour, but I also favour using a pencil to underline passages in printed books rather than using a highlighter. I used… Continue reading Hacking my planner bookmark



I made great progress on my Fairisle Tank Top over the past weekend, adding the pink and orange band (which is the medium of the three pattern bands) and then the second hearts repeat. As the above photo shows, I have no intention of keeping to a uniform progression of colours, that is the splendid… Continue reading Onward