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A dull and messy morning

I wish I could claim to be neat and tidy, but just see what a mess I made simply writing my journal this morning! I blame it on the paper - it led me through a wormhole of experimentation which hasn't resolved much at all. Since the beginning of May I've been writing my journal… Continue reading A dull and messy morning


Knit a bit, not a lot

Knitting progress has been slow. That is to say, I have enjoyed my knitting when I have picked it up, but I haven't picked it up enough to make significant progress, which is fairly plain from the lack of knitting posts hereabouts. I worked a few rows on my sock the other night and got… Continue reading Knit a bit, not a lot


The seasons of things

This blog post gets a little bit hippy.... you have been warned! I feel like the seasons turned yesterday. All of a sudden the trees I can see through the window when I sit on my settee are bright in their spring green clothes. It seems as if they were bare bones just a few… Continue reading The seasons of things

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Just things and stuff

It's been a slow couple of weeks Chez Pamela. If you read the blog regularly you will have noticed that the posts have been rather sporadic. This doesn't mean that my general progress has halted, although it has slowed to the pace of the trains which rumble along the track near my flat, often stopping… Continue reading Just things and stuff

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A5 Filofax update – 135 days later

Journal in hardbound book; Planning in Filofax Original A5 It's time to revisit my Filofax setup and capture some thoughts on the A5 size now that I've been using it for a few months. What have I liked? What have I disliked? Does it still suit my purpose, is it time to change up a… Continue reading A5 Filofax update – 135 days later



Being gender-stereotypical in this instance, I cannot find anything much - actually, at all - to interest me in ProgRock (Progressive Rock music). On the other hand, ProgSock (Progress on my Sock) is just my cup of tea. I've had an interesting week immersed in my novel-editing (I ramble on about my progress over at… Continue reading ProgSock


Build your own jumper

I think it might be interesting to expand upon my plans for the Coconut Ice jumper and explain how I use the elements in the book One Thousand Sweaters by Amanda Griffiths to "build" a sweater. First, a bit about the book. It is spiral bound and the pattern pages are split in two horizontally… Continue reading Build your own jumper

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Of wool and words

Mid-week brought with it a couple of new adventures. I picked up a book that's been patiently awaiting a re-read for more than 20 years, and I started a new jumper. The moment I decided to combine the pink wool with leftovers from previous cream jumpers, I knew that I would be referring to this… Continue reading Of wool and words