Spock Bear is knitting

Knittin’ in the morning sunI’ll still be knittin’ when the evening comesWith my apologies to Mr. Spock and to Otis Reading, both of whom deserve better I’ve had to draft Spock Bear in to help me with the Heather Sweater! I thought I might be able to properly capture the wool colour better from afar,… Continue reading Spock Bear is knitting


They’ve frozen up my beard

Now the frosticles appearAnd they've frozen up my beard....God, or whatever means the good,Be praised that time can stop like this.Not at the meadow! I haven't actually got a beard, but I've always been partial to them on other people. Mainly men, it has to be admitted. Once the sun is up, I start the… Continue reading They’ve frozen up my beard


Current stitches, future stitches

A back, a front, one sleeve, and two swatches I haven't worked anything like the amount on my Heather Sweater that I had intended which just goes to prove that, no matter how much you tell yourself you're going to knit, it only works if you stop playing digital jigsaws on your computer and start… Continue reading Current stitches, future stitches

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How was your Friday morning routine?

Many of us are familiar with the slew of perfect morning routines that the social media are awash with, but they pale into insignificance beside the morning spent by "Man About Vogue" in Winter 1972. Does that bowl of overnight oats with chia seeds really seem cool compared to his Alpen cereal with milk (back… Continue reading How was your Friday morning routine?

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It doesn’t have to be stellar

Stellar progress is always lovely if you can achieve it, but good, solid, plain old progress will get you there in the end. I'm halfway up the first sleeve of the Heather Sweater and this week I'm setting myself the goal of doing at least 45 minutes of work on it each day. I think… Continue reading It doesn’t have to be stellar

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All these notebooks

This post has been inspired by comments from two lovely friends: Alex W. in the 'real world' who mentioned notebook fetishes when she visisted and saw this bureau, and blog-friend ReginaMary who asked in the comments on Friday's post if I have a separate use for each of my planners and how I keep it… Continue reading All these notebooks

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A day of fountain pens

All the goodies I'll be playing with today: Lots of old, nothing new, something borrowed, and bits of blue It's Fountain Pen Day! I'll be celebrating by using my fountain pens, but I do that every day so I may not notice a lot of difference. Happily, every day is Fountain Pen Day chez PamAlison.… Continue reading A day of fountain pens


Exactly halfway

I'm calling the Heather Sweater halfway done. Whilst the back and front should be the main parts of a sweater, I always find the sleeves involve more work than I give them credit for, then there's the sewing up and the neckband, so, yes, this feels like the halfway point. I still can't believe how… Continue reading Exactly halfway

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Suddenly November

Since last week was quiet chez PamAlison, I've started working on my 2021 planner set-up. As you may recall, I'm going to use my A5 Filofax Original planner with the slightly narrower than A5 week to view pages from The Stamford Notebook Company (my initial thoughts on these inserts can be seen here). When I… Continue reading Suddenly November