Build your own jumper

I think it might be interesting to expand upon my plans for the Coconut Ice jumper and explain how I use the elements in the book One Thousand Sweaters by Amanda Griffiths to "build" a sweater. First, a bit about the book. It is spiral bound and the pattern pages are split in two horizontally… Continue reading Build your own jumper

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Of wool and words

Mid-week brought with it a couple of new adventures. I picked up a book that's been patiently awaiting a re-read for more than 20 years, and I started a new jumper. The moment I decided to combine the pink wool with leftovers from previous cream jumpers, I knew that I would be referring to this… Continue reading Of wool and words


Hitting the bottle

It's okay, your narrator hasn't plumbed the depths yet. The bottles I'm going to talk about are filled with ink, not gin. I thought it might be fun to explore which bits of my personality are drawn to the different ink bottles that I own. When I see my, admittedly limited, collection it strikes me… Continue reading Hitting the bottle


Every one’s a winner, baby

Yippee!! The Heather Slope Rib Sweater is finished!! Astonishingly, given my history with this wool, I really like the finished product. I think that is a strong indication of just how good this pattern is. I've found over the years that it is very hard to come up with a version which falls short of… Continue reading Every one’s a winner, baby


The details we sometimes miss

For one rare, perfect moment I had three pens inked. Three pens is my nirvana. Three pens are easy to use, they don't invoke any guilt or any need to choose which ones I'm going to allow to languish, thus proving they are second-best. We cannot see, we will not mention, the other two pens… Continue reading The details we sometimes miss


Off the slopes

Don't worry, I haven't been skiing, it's just that I've completed all of the sloping ribs on the Slope Rib Sweater and am now onto the finishing straight. I've paused at the point where I will begin the neck shaping, but I intend to get that done today and perhaps have the whole sweater completed… Continue reading Off the slopes


Take my button box, for example

This is my button box. It is a joyous comglomeration of colours, shapes, sizes, and textures housed in a deeply nostalgic tin. Far from being a home for retired fasteners, this is a living, evolving organism which is both a useful resource and a source of pleasure. I take buttons out, I add buttons in,… Continue reading Take my button box, for example


Mad March hares along

I'm not a fan of knit-alongs, but if I was I would be one hundred percent keen on taking part in something called the MadMarchHares-Along. Just a random thought. If you run knit-alongs yourself, please feel free to use that next year. However, my title actually refers to the fact that the Slope Rib Sweater… Continue reading Mad March hares along


Not as intelligent as I’d hoped

I like to scan through the comments that WordPress, very accurately it so happens, assigns to my "spam" folder. Mostly they are gibberish, the sender gets blocked (I know it's pointless as they are throw-away user identities, but I do it anyway) and the comment gets permanently deleted. Sometimes, though, they are a hoot, like… Continue reading Not as intelligent as I’d hoped