It feels like I’ve been off-planet for a few weeks, and it remains to be seen whether I’ve fully made it back, or if the command module is still bobbing around on the ocean, gently steaming.

I’m pleased to say that the experiment using the week-to-page bound diary with its lined page for notes has been a complete success. It felt entirely natural from the first day, and I haven’t caught myself wondering if I it’s practical to carry it or if I should leave it at home – it just slips into the different bags I carry with no fuss whatsoever. Occasionally it re-occurs to me that I prefer to see pages in just two colours of ink – a main colour and a contrast – but this isn’t going to happen unless I hold off writing in any future items until I come to the week and know which pens and inks I shall be using. There are a couple of options here. Charles mentioned in the comments on my previous post that he uses Post-it notes to supplement the weekly spreads and this would definitely be a possibility for adding appointments and reminders to future weeks. My other idea is one that crosses my mind from time to time and that is to ink up several pens with the same ink so it wouldn’t matter which one I chose to pick up. Whilst I can’t imagine this making me happy for a moment, I might experiment at some point with chosing a harmonious set of inks to use concurrently.

One of my work colleagues was intrigued by the sheet of blotting paper which I keep in my diary and use partly so I can close the diary straight after writing in it, and party as a page-finder. She likened it to an abstract work of art, which isn’t too far from the mark.

Speaking of pens and inks, I ended up with four pens inked for Fountain Pen Day this past Friday, 5th November 2021. I already had my Waterman Hemisphere Rose Cuivre filled with Diamine Burgundy Royale which is a lovely shade for Autumn. Unfortunately I didn’t like how it worked with the emphasis colour I’ve got going at the moment – Lamy Crystal Ruby in my Lamy LX Rose Gold pen – so for the week leading up to Fountain Pen Day I’d gone back to the Graf von Faber-Castell Cobalt Blue which is in my Cross Century II. The red and blue inks contrast nicely.

However, I wanted something more celebratory for Fountain Pen Day itself so I popped a cartridge of Graf von Faber-Castell Electric Pink into my Namisu Orion and happily wrote with that at home and at work. Now, that is an ink which provides a great contrast with the Diamine Burgundy Royale which means I have two pairings inked up which work equally well. Happy days.

I have made a start on my next knitting project, a garment which has you begin by knitting the lace border which runs along the lower edge. So far, so good, though the first repeat of the lace pattern was heavy going.

Before embarking on the new project, I finished the first sock with the “Pairfect” wool. I wouldn’t choose this yarn again, although I do like the feel of the wool very much indeed. It’s the dyeing which isn’t to my taste. Those large blocks of mushroom colour don’t work at all well to my eye and I would be much happier if the whole sock was the colourwork pattern. I love the colourwork pattern. If it can’t be completely colourwork, I think it would be better if the whole foot was the plain mushroom and just the leg was colourwork. Still, it fits perfectly, and will be more than serviceable once its partner is made which won’t be for some time yet.

Now perhaps I can put in another repeat of my lace pattern before bedtime. Hope you all have a lovely week.

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    1. I just couldn’t make up my mind whether to take some photos and write about them, or to write something then take photos to illlustrate it. I am in awe of these bloggers who can pre-write posts and have them queued for slow moments – if I want to say something then I want to say it now and if I start something thinking I’ll go back to it I never do.

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