It isn’t really autumn today, but you’ll know when it gets here.

You’ll know because the blushing berries will reveal their crimson hearts.

You’ll know because the flowers which bloomed with an old master’s oil-paint madness will turn to watercolour and then seep quietly away.

You’ll know by the dusty shadows summer has left in its wake.

You’ll know when the berries burst, black and glossy as pianos.

You’ll know when the frost withers the bouquet……

…. and the old ladies don their scarves and hats.

There will be signs everywhere that the season has turned and left your summer self behind.

Yet nothing will tell you that autumn has arrived quite as succinctly as this.

(All photos taken on my walk in Norwich on Sunday 19th September 2021. I sheduled an hour and was out for two.)

6 thoughts on “You’ll know when it’s autumn

    1. I can cope with spiders in the garden. It’s when you get those enormous harvest spiders that come and gallop across your floor that I start to lose my cool.

    1. Oh, that’s a lovely way of putting it. Yes, I did feel yesterday was quite a dreamy day. Whilst I was out on my walk it struck me that all the colours were muted by that changing of the quality of the light which comes with the changing seasons. The bright colours had toned down, many of the flowers were fading, yet the fiery colours which autumn can bring were still waiting in the wings. I’m putting a photo of the roses onto my computer desktop as my background picture for a while.

    1. Hi, Tanja, loving your photos of your trip. Summer’s having a last little fling here, but with those lovely cooler nights and the days getting noticeably shorter.

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