Actual knitting progress has been slow, but I’ve been going great guns on thinking about knitting which is the same thing. Okay, no it isn’t, but we’ll just grab our positivity where we can find it. As I mentioned on Wednesday, I’ve made a start on the leg of my sock and I’m watching with enjoyment as the pattern printed on this Katia sock yarn unfolds. The picture on the ball band doesn’t do it justice, looking like swirling, blurry bands of colour where this one has distinct designs to some of the stripes.

I’ve come to a decision about the secret knitting project now and I’m keen to make a re-start. I’m going to cobble something together based on a familiar pattern then adding in some design elements I particularly liked from the abandoned Knitted Yurt project. Fingers crossed this will be just the ticket and I’ll power on through it. The weather forecast for this locality is on the chillier side of our summer temperatures so I should be comfortable to get a bit of knitting in.

I’ve walked up to the same part of town twice this week. On my first walk, I took some quick snaps with my phone of the lovely plants and trees I saw. As I had reason to return the following day with a bit more time, I took my DLSR camera with me to get some better shots.

This Magnolia tree certainly lives up to its “Grandiflora” title, with flowers as big as plates. As they wither, the flowers turn in colour from milky-white to milky-tea and their texture from wax to craft paper. It truly is a stunning tree, made all the more appealing by being situated in a picturesque area outside the cathedral walls and close to the river.

Further along on my walk, at one of the many churches along the route, I came across perhaps my favourite combination – flowers juxtaposed against a harsh manmade object, in this case iron railings. I’m a sucker for such opportunities, loving the contrast between nature (although the churchyard planting probably owes little nature) and industry, especially when the industrial element has a bit of decay as with the rusty railings here.

As we head into the weekend, I’m already making plans for the things I should write about next week. I feel an ink comparison bubbling very close to the surface – between two similar shades of green ink with potentially a third one added into the mix because it’s a particular favourite of mine. That said, it would send the number of pens I’ve got inked into the stratosphere and I have to ask myself whether that is a good idea. I’ll probably ask myself that question just as I’m testing out the third pen. In fact, the simple act of writing the question down has made me realise I don’t even need to ask myself. It’s all I can do to stop myself from dashing out to the kitchen right now with empty pens and bottles of ink, abandoning the keyboard mid-sentence. My resolve to keep only three pens inked at any one time has gone out of the window and is halfway to Bolivia. See you soon……

11 thoughts on “Stitches and steps

  1. That deep red hollyhock is fantastic – I do love a hollyhock! Spectacular picture too. I shall be going that way to collect some seeds when the time is right!

  2. I am still working on some socks for the boyfriend I cast on months ago, lost my knitting MOJO, hope it comes back

    1. The thing I find is that you can’t force these things, but you can coax a spark from the embers – the trick is to keep picking up the knitting, even if you only do a few stitches then leave it for days on end again, because one time you’ll pick it up and find that the planet has turned far enough and things have aligned and suddenly you’re really keen to get going again.

    1. I was only pondering yesterday that I hadn’t seen any blog posts from you in a while – now I see that you’ve been literally penned-in!

      I know that if I have more than three pens inked I’m only going to actually be using three of them, so I try to keep to that number. When I start my new job (fingers crossed it’s going to be mid-August, but I’m still awaiting the unconditional offer with start dates) I will keep a couple of pens at work, too. However, I have to admit that I now have five pens inked, plus two that I’m going to clean even though they aren’t technically written dry yet. I added all three green inks so I could see which I like best.

  3. The ‘currently inked’ thing is a constant battle, a compromise between having more choice or minimalist simplicity.
    Yes, it’s been a bit quiet on the blogging front due to work and then travels. I was in Wroxham in the lovely Norfolk Broads recently.
    Good luck with the new job!!

    1. I think both options have merits and I expect I’ll keep shuttling between the two without settling firmly. Ah, yes, Wroxham is a busy little enclave. I had a lovely day there with my grandson a couple of summers ago and took him on the cruise around the broads. It’s so nice to be out on the water on a hot day. I’m really looking forward to the new job, it’s a quirky little niche role that should suit me down to the ground and luckily they were looking for a quirky little niche person to fill it.

    1. Yes, the sock is calling out to have a few more rows added this evening. I’m enjoying the yarn a lot. We’re lucky to have an endless supply of old churches here in Norwich so there are flowers and railings everywhere you walk. One church has the most marvellous display of Wisteria every spring.

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