This is the sock that was, then wasn’t, and now is all over again. It’s been a journey.

Stitch counts defeated me on my first attempt with this yarn, and I ripped it out completely on Thursday. Friday morning brought me my long-desired 2.25mm double-point needles and I was so pleased to be able to cast on again and work with 60 stitches which is apparently far easier than working with 56 stitches. Who knew? This is definitely the best needle size for me when it comes to socks, and I’m looking forward to knitting many more pairs.

Of course, it didn’t make sense to order sock needles on their own. The parcel also contained secret yarn together with a ball from the Regia Arne and Carlos Lofoten sock range which I mentioned previously. I had great fun looking at all the colour combinations, and finally decided on Nusfjord. The picture on the ball-band makes it look like it has some gold and brown in it, but those bands are really pink and grey. With the violet tinges, this is a really pretty sock yarn. If you’re thinking of investigating the range, I’d definitely recommend a quick trip to Arne and Carlos’ blog where you’ll find a post that shows photos of all the colours knitted up.

It’s very important that I should be well-stocked for sock yarns because my garment knitting for the remainder of the year is going to be for others rather than myself. This is unprecendented. I normally just knit for myself, with an item for anyone else being a once in a blue moon proposal. I think I’ll lay the blame for my decision to knit some gifts at the door of the pandemic (because we get to blame it for everything, don’t we?). I haven’t been wearing any of my newest knits because I’m not really dressing that way whilst I’m out of work. So I feel like I’ve got quite a few garments ready and waiting and don’t really need any more right now.

My next garment for myself will be my Christmas Eve cast-on, so now I have six months to choose a really great project and to get everything together for it. Mind you, I’m worried that I’ll want to keep all the gifts I knit for myself. I’m already thinking the one I’ve started would be ideal for me!

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    1. Whilst there’s no great movement on the job front, there are little signs of progress, so I’m feeling more hopeful than I was a couple of weeks ago. The main thing is that I’ve finally asked for help with the job search and I’m meeting with a training advisor next week to see if I need to do any workshops or courses, and for some advice about my CV and covering letters which I feel let me down because I’m used to doing them in an old-fashioned way and that isn’t going to help me in the modern world. I’m applying for lots of jobs, and my applications are being read. One company came back to me to ask for a bit more information, which I’m taking as a positive indicator. I’ll get there, sooner or later!

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