New socks!

I had a very productive weekend as you can see. I made a pact with myself that I would finish the Owl socks over the weekend then spent Saturday faffing around with anything else I could lay my hands on. So, I got up on Sunday and knuckled down to knit pretty much the entire second sock.

I’m pleased with these overall, though I still maintain that the fabric is slightly looser than usual. Now, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing – my sock drawer seems to be erring on the side of thicker socks at the moment, so a pair at a looser gauge will have their place. And there’s nothing wrong with the fit.

However, I’m still on the search for a set of nice, basic metal 2.25mm double point needles and, with this in mind, I stopped by the wool stall at Norwich Market this morning and had a chat with the lovely lady there. She only had 2.5mm which I have several sets of already so I think I need to steel myself for a proper trip into the city and visit all of the likely stockists to track down exactly what I want. I’ve sorted through my box of double-point sets in preparation, and found several which I’m going to donate to charity as they aren’t my favourites. It always feels good, doesn’t it, to have a good clear-out when you’ve gone through a period of assessment.

If I’d been able to get hold of the 2.25mm needles this morning, I’d have spent the afternoon making a start on my next pair of socks, but perhaps that isn’t the best use of my energy at the moment. After all, I’ve got a jumper which needs my attention.

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