Not as intelligent as I’d hoped

I like to scan through the comments that WordPress, very accurately it so happens, assigns to my “spam” folder. Mostly they are gibberish, the sender gets blocked (I know it’s pointless as they are throw-away user identities, but I do it anyway) and the comment gets permanently deleted.

Sometimes, though, they are a hoot, like the one below. I still block, I still delete, but I have a bit of a laugh along the way. I couldn’t resist taking a screen-shot of this one to share with you. Although, of course, I must take it seriously and apologise for all these wearying videos that I waste my intelligence on!

3 thoughts on “Not as intelligent as I’d hoped

  1. Awwww, Pam. I don’t quite know how to take that comment. It’s like it *should be positive, but phrases about wasting time on video instead of giving enlightening content seems unconstructive at best. Boo hiss.

    1. Not to mention the fact that I don’t ever post videos! It was so well-constructed that I would have taken it for a genuine comment except for the url.

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