I’m onto the toe shaping for my Popeye Sock and I’ve decided to go down one needle size to see if that makes them any longer-wearing. My feeling is that more than one size down would be better, but I’d need to buy a new set of needles to achieve that. I’m knitting the main body of the socks on 2.5mm needles and the Knit-Pro Carbonz which I’m using the for toes are 2.25mm. I have part of a set of 2.00mm needles which I think might have come from my grandma, but I only have three needles and I work with four when knitting in the round.

I must say that I can’t really see any difference between the stitch size across these two sets of needles, but it’s fun to try things out anyway.

Today I watched a YouTube video of “Send In The Clowns” sung by Judy Collins – thus the title of this post and my choice of a quote for next week in my planner. I’ve always liked Judy Collins, her voice is amazing and songs such as her version of Leonard Cohen’s “Suzanne”, “Since You Asked”, and “Who Knows Where The Time Goes” are life-long favourites. I never really gelled with Joni Mitchell or Joan Baez in the way that I did with Judy Collins, although they are all extremely talented ladies.

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    1. Time will tell. It hadn’t occurred to me before, but logic suggests that smaller stitches = denser fabric = great durability. A dogged belief in logic, I’ve found in the past, is my personal downfall.

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