I’m not admitting defeat, I am just concluding that the Heather Sweater isn’t what I want to work on right now. I’ve been having to force myself to pick it up and doing pretty much anything I can think of that helps me to ignore it. Enough is enough, I need to take a break from it.

I have re-knitted one sleeve, but I haven’t the heart to do the rest of the unpicking and I’m not convinced by any of it right now. Some projects go like that. It’s like a romance with someone who isn’t quite right for you. You can coast along for a good long while, celebrating the things you have in common, but somewhere along the way you start to notice all the things that you disagree on, the small (and sometimes large) stuff that one of you loves and the other one doesn’t care about. One of you probably starts feeling that they are always the one who has to kick their own preferences into touch and go along with what the other one chooses and, before you know it, you’ve fallen out of love. I’ve fallen out of love with the Heather Sweater. Will I come back to it? Potentially… possibly… probably. I have fondness for it still.

For now, I’m going to work on this pair of socks and think about what I really, really want.

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    1. I’ve been eyeing up second-hand copies of the book “Knit your own boyfriend”. If I succumb, I will probably revisit this idea of knitting mirroring relationships!!!!!

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