Thanks to Rupertarzeian for pointing out that it’s mysteriously become 2022 – title of my post corrected accordingly.

May has been a happy month so far as pen and ink choices go and I’ve got very high hopes for June, too.

My Lamy Studio filled with Waterman Inspired Blue ink saw me through 29 journal pages, running dry mid-month, at which point I used my dad’s Parker 51 for the final 5 pages in that journal. On May 20th I started a new journal with my Cross Bailey Light and J Herbin’s Cacao du Bresil ink which itself ran out one day before the end of the month, so I returned to the Graf von Faber-Castell Cobalt Blue ink in the Parker 51 for one last entry.

As well as doing duty as a fill-in journal pen, the Parker 51 was my main planner pen for the month. Since I’ve been dancing a jig between different planners all month, this has written much more than it should have done. I do love the Parker 51 which is a very reliable writer and never lays down more ink than you’re expecting. Not knowing how close you are to running out of ink can be a worry, although I like to think of it more along the lines of an adventure.

My chosen contrast ink, Lamy Crystal Ruby in the Lamy LX, was a solid performer through the month and I used more of it than I might have expected. I think I’ll swap the nib back to the fine version before I next use the pen, though. Perhaps if I do that I’ll use it as my work pen for July. Speaking of my work pen, this was once again the Waterman Allure filled with Graf von Faber-Castell Gulf Blue ink. However (see if you can spot a theme here), it ran dry just before the end of the month so I just grabbed whatever was to hand even, at one point, the biro I was given when I had my Covid booster.

Which brings me to a sneak peek at the pens and inks I’m starting off June with. One of them is being surprisingly naughty, but I hope that will settle down. If not it will be off for an early bath.

In other exciting fountain pen news, I’ve booked my ticket to go to the autumn London Fountain Pen Show – the first that I will ever have attended. It’s going to be an envious autumn break which includes both the Knitting and Stitching Show and the Fountain Pen Show. I really need to find a third incredibly nerdy thing to do to round it off.

Hope your month has been inky, or however you prefer it if you don’t do ink. Now I’m off to try my hand at June’s Rock Your Handwriting challenge.

4 thoughts on “Pens in case ~ May 2022

  1. Lovely to see you modest and sensible armoury of fountain pens, especially the vintage Parker 51 still in service.
    I love my Cross Bailey Lights. I often look at my blue one at work, smile to myself and think that it meets all my needs.

    1. I think sensible is the right word. It’s a living within my means pen collection, not necessarily the one I’d have if money was less of an object. Even so, I always feel I’m only a heartbeat away from the sickening precipice of an over-my-budget purchase. That being said, staying on the budget end of the hobby does bring its own satisfaction.

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