If I were to write horoscopes, I’d fill them with real-world advice. “As Mercury opposes Saturn, be wary spillage when you open ink bottles.” “With Pluto in your fourth house, you will unpick many more stitches than you knit.” “50% of planets are retrograde now; you will be incapable of anything more advanced than reading Enid Blyton.”

So, this is the heap of wools I’ll be working my way through in the next four months. Don’t be fooled into thinking you’re seeing it all in my photo – the basket is full to overflowing. I think I’ve over-estimated my time, or my dedication, or my knitting speed. This seems like a lot of yarn. I’m somewhat mollified by the thought that most of it will be knit at aran thickness and the finest I’ve got to go (apart from socks) is DK weight.

However, the pile of wool is growing as I continue to unpick my knitting at an alarming rate. My second stab at the secret project has met the same fate as the first. This time the size was working out well, but the fabric was too floppy for my taste, and for the pattern I was knitting. Not only this, but I am losing any feeling I had for the yarn and that’s a shame because it is very pretty. I have yet to make a firm decision on this project, and I think it may be best to move onto one of the other knits whilst I mull over my approach to this one.

I was intrigued by a visitor to our porch this week and, as I had my phone to hand and it obligingly stopped to pose, I took a quick snap. It is some variety of Hoverfly, as far as I can tell, but I prefer to think of it as an alien drone. That head looks altogether too perfect, too metallic, too close a simulation of the natural to quite pass muster. Anyway, why would a fly be interested in our block of flats? Whereas an alien would be almost bound to choose this as the most perfect place to observe the culture and moralities of Earth’s most advanced inhabitants. I bet they’ve heard about my fountain pens and come to investigate. So long as they don’t abduct my Filofax and carry out fiendish experiments – I’m not convinced aliens would know the correct method of opening the rings.

Actually, I hope the aliens don’t choose to visit Norwich right now. The city is playing host to a herd of brightly decorated T-Rex figures through the summer and I fear this might confuse visitors from another planet, or lead them to think the human race is somehow frivolous.

I will just finish with a peek at what is coming your way on Friday. I’ve got a new toy!