It’s about time….

So, if all four main pieces of my jumper are done, that means I can’t put off making a decision about the neck finish any longer (although the fact I wrote this sentence 5 days ago and haven’t yet made the decision seems to prove me a liar).

I can’t deny that I am sorely tempted by a stand-up collar, or funnel-neck, and I keep trying to tell myself it would have a 1950s vibe, a bit of a Bardot neckline. Ha! What I’m really thinking is it would look something like this, but not so much of a pelt.

The downside is that knitting myself a leather-clad sidekick would be quite a big commitment. I can’t imagine when the Supreme Commander of the Terran Federation found the time – probably on board the spaceships as she waited for the perfect moment to say “Maximum power!” or whilst practising her snarl – she looks like the type who could multi-task.

Anyway, I digress. I haven’t been knitting much, but I have added a few rows to the sock I’m working on. I have also been experimenting with the semi-automatic settings on my DSLR camera with varying success. I was very pleased with the results of my “about time” photo to accompany this post. The inclusion of the watch gives a nice visual cue to the imminent nature of a decision whilst the washi tape with its planets slowly making their progress around their star provides a much more accurate representation of my decision-making

Anyway, back to the sock. I do love the colours in this sock yarn which, as you may recall, is Noodle Soup Yarns’ Sturdy Sock in Speckled Eggs. Now I come to look at it this close up, I can see all the colours of my bottles of ink in there. That turquoise-blue is like Waterman Inspired Blue, the yellows show some splashes of Diamine Honey Burst and I swear there’s a bit of their Meadow Green, too.

We have been enjoying a few days of glorious weather here in the Eastern Counties after all the rain, wind, and general chill which May brought along for the ride. Heavily influenced by social media, my thoughts have been turning in the direction of my typewriter. Whilst I consider this to be the least useful machine in my little universe, there are a few functions for which it is just perfect. I’ve decided one of those might well be that of adding the quote to my diary page each week. Experiments shall be made and updates provided. Let’s just bear those planets in mind when we think about timescales, though.

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    1. I’ve just got the seaming to do now and the jumper will be finished. Then I’ve promised myself I will finish those socks before I start anything else.

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