I’m going to apologise in advance because I think this might be a slightly underwhelming blog post. That said, I don’t expect you generally visit with high hopes for earth-shattering marvels… there are limits to just how exciting knitting and ink are ever going to be, after all.

I have succeeded in completing the second sleeve of the Slope Rib Sweater and now have the matching pair. One thing I will say in favour of knitting the sleeves first: you don’t get to this point and think you could just make do with what you’ve got! You know you’re going to have to press on and do the body. I think, perhaps, my mind is a little distracted from my knitting as I’ve been playing with my computers and I’ve been working on edits for my novel, both of which have taken me away from my needles. I’ve caught myself occasionally wondering whether I lack enthusiasm for this sweater project and am seeking other outlets for my energy, but I think it’s just that I’m in the mood to straighten some things out and knitting is best for the moods where I just want to sit and dream.

At some point just before finishing the Lace Panel Sweater, I cast on another pair of socks and got just past the heel shaping before lethargy overtook me. I’m making these shorter than I usually do because I don’t have a huge amount of wool. These are the re-knits of the Rise of the Jellyfish pair I knitted last year and which didn’t fit me well at all. Re-using wool that’s already been knitted and washed isn’t entirely to my taste, I’ve got to say. I applaud those knitters who will happily re-purpose existing garments, laboriously unpicking, washing, and winding the wool to get it back to pristine loveliness ready for a new project. That’s not me. Still, it’s not enough to put me off and I’m sure I’ll enjoy whizzing through these once I’m back in my knitting groove. For now, they are happily resting in the knitting basket.

I did go off on a bit of a tangent yesterday and wonder whether I wanted to put the Slope Rib Sweater away until autumn and work instead on my pink wool, but I talked myself down off that particular ledge. What my current mood calls for is more focus and determination, not a pretty new distraction!

I hope that much of my lack of progress is down to the endless grey days we’ve had in my area since mid-February. Today is grey with squally, windy rain to accompany it; some days are just grey, others are misty. From tomorrow we are meant to at least see the sun between the clouds and that is something to look forward to. I might even be able to take some slightly more inspiring photos, I’m thinking of the Lace Panel Sweater in particular.

I hope the weather and the yarn are more inspiring where you are.