Okay, I stole the title for this post from T. Rex’s 1972 single because I wanted something to suit this lovely honey-gold ink, just one of four colours I ordered from The Writing Desk on Wednesday morning and which arrived with the post lady a scant 24 hours later. In these times when retailers are hit hard by pandemic restrictions and postal services are stretched by burgeoning online shopping, I was pretty thoroughly impressed by this service.

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to talk more about the inks. For the past few months I’ve been determined to have a little more focus in my ink collection and there’s one ink in particular that I was keen to try and use up. Then boredom struck. I began to feel envious of the long “currently inked” lists on YouTube and Instagram and I inked up several pens which only partially eased my cravings. Earlier in the week I was watching the latest selection from Penultimate Dave and I had to pause it after he wrote the first three examples because the colours just looked so cool together. First, he had a marine blue, then an amber, then a lavender purple. I have a blue which isn’t a million miles away from his marine shade and I have a purple that was close enough to his lavender, but I didn’t have anything which even vaguely resembled the amber, thus my search began for a shade to fill that gap. Diamine’s Honey Burst has proved to be exactly what I wanted, providing a brighter, more tangy hit of colour whilst still being legible – once you start looking at yellow inks you can quickly get into the realms of the practically invisible. I also wanted to ignore the shimmering inks which are very popular at the moment and that’s one reason I specifically avoided using “gold” for my search even though I was really looking for a golden yellow. Honey shades, sitting towards the orange/brown end of the yellows, provided me with plenty of options.

I knew that I would probably buy ink produced by Diamine for a couple of reasons beyond the simple fact that they’re British and I like using my money to support “local” brands where I can. I think Diamine’s biggest appeal is the huge range of inks they produce. They do every colour under the sun, they have inks with lots of shading and inks with lots of sheen and they do whole sub-sets of shimmering inks; there is something for everyone… well, everyone who owns a fountain pen! (They also produce drawing/calligraphy inks, craft stamping inks and industrial inks, and a number of “own brand” inks in the UK – for example, the now discontinued Conway Stewart line – originate at Diamine.) Another big draw is that Diamine’s inks are really keenly priced and available as full-size bottles, mini bottles (like my Honey Burst), mega-bottles, and cartridges. Not every shade is available in every format, but plenty are. There is no lack of choice, in fact there may be too much choice if such a thing is possible.

When it came to deciding upon a fountain pen to fill with the Honey Burst ink, my dad’s Parker 51 was the obvious choice. To the best of my knowledge, it’s got a gold nib and with the rolled gold of the cap and the black body, it seemed liked a nice pairing to my eyes.

Shamelessly “borrowing” a palette from Penultimate Dave!

So here is my interpretation of the palette I so admired and I am very pleased with this combination of colours. I love how they play off each other and rotating between these three shades for my journal entries and notes is sure to bring a touch of joy to the slightly dull January days. All of this, and I still have a further three new-to-me colours to explore in coming days, not to mention the wools…. it looks like the second half of January won’t be bleak at all in this neck of the woods.

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