One sock down…

I finished the first “New Year” sock last night and two things are clear if I want to wear these on New Year’s Day – first: that I need to set aside the needlepoint cushion cover and only knit for the next two days; second: that I won’t be washing them before I wear them!

My photos of this first sock have led me to the conclusion that if I am going to knit socks in anything but well-behaved, flat stocking stitch, I am going to have to buy myself some sock blockers for photography purposes. That’s fine. I have been intending to order cotton yarn to knit reuseable face wipes so I can easily pop a pair of sock blockers into my basket. However, until then, my improvisation doesn’t quite display the socks to their best effect!

A few details are in order. The yarn is West Yorkshire Spinners’ Signature 4-Ply “Bullfinch” from the Country Birds Collection. The yarn is a good, workaday sock blend of 75% wool and 25% nylon with 400m to a 100g ball, and it is very pleasant to work with. I’m using my KnitPro Zing 20cm (8″) double-pointed needles in 2.5mm diameter which seems to be giving a good result as far as the fabric goes – not too loose, not too tight.

I’ve worked a knit two, purl two rib for the cuff and then the leg and top of the foot are in a knit five, purl five rib. I’ve chosen to make the sole of the foot plain stocking stitch for comfort, and the toe area is also plain stocking stitch. I’m following my favourite routine of knitting a heel flap and gusset construction and I worked the heel flap with a slip stitch design. I have returned to my original toe shaping for these socks after knitting a few pairs using the barn toe. To join the toe together, I worked a knitted Kitchener method which I far prefer to doing Kitchener Stitch with a sewing needle. If you haven’t come across the knitted Kitchener option, you can find a good tutorial at The Knitting Goddess.

I’m keeping this brief so that I can get back to my knitting and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn’t send me straight to sleep as it has done on previous afternoons. I have finished listening to the two Neville Shute audio books and have also gone through a re-listen of “Something In Disguise” by Elizabeth Jane Howard read by Eleanor Bron. I love that story and always picture Anton Rodgers and Elizabeth Garvie from the 1982 TV adaptation as I’m listening. Now I’m listening to “Knight’s Acre” by Norah Lofts.

Once I’ve finished the pair of socks, it will be full-speed back to the cushion cover. I’ve really got the bit between my teeth on that project and, although it’s going to take me well into the new year, I’ve got a feeling I could have it finished before my birthday if I try really hard.

Is anyone else working hard on their crafts?

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