Knittin’ in the morning sun
I’ll still be knittin’ when the evening comes

With my apologies to Mr. Spock and to Otis Reading, both of whom deserve better

I’ve had to draft Spock Bear in to help me with the Heather Sweater! I thought I might be able to properly capture the wool colour better from afar, with a bit of sun and shadow. I think it’s an improvement; at least it’s just a little less day-glo than my recent pictures.

So, this week I have a plan and the plan is to finish my Heather Sweater. To achieve this, I need to be up to the beginning of the armhole shaping by the end of today and to have this sleeve finished by the time I go to bed on Wednesday. Then I’ve got a couple of days to do the neckband and sew the pieces together and it’s a finished object. Most important of all, by the end of this week I can start something new! I am more than ready for a change because this project has fatigued me and the only thing that has kept me going is the knowledge that it’s a garment I’m going to wear into the ground through this winter and into spring. I desperately need it in my wardrobe and maybe that’s why I’ve found it so tiresome to construct.

I have decided upon one future project, thanks to conversations with my friend Alex W. who inadvertently provides me with tons of inspiration. I have long had the following jumper (Arabella by AnnMcCauley for Brooklyn Tweed) on my radar and last week I bought a copy of the pattern with the vague idea of using the mid-tone blue wool from my stash.

I sent the photo to my friend and she replied asking if this was to be the pink jumper and now she’s mentioned it, I can’t get the thought out of my head that this would be a perfect cloud of cuddles in the softest, palest pink wool. So it’s on my “once I’ve got a job…. or won the lottery” pile and I’m having another think about my blue wool which is going to be the next thing on my needles or else! Well, maybe the next-but-one if I decide to finish a pair of socks first.

I’m a bit concerned that Spock Bear has been working on my knitting for the past couple of hours and it doesn’t seem to have grown at all.

I’m also considering a tiny bit of pre-Christmas stash-busting to make some much-needed furbelows to use around the house. I could do with a couple of little mats to put between a glass table top and the pottery dishes on it and I know I have the perfect left-over yarn from a previous project. Of course, I must make sure I don’t suddenly cast on for these before I’ve finished the Heather Sweater or decided upon the precise project to suit my blue wool. Not that going off on such a tangent would ever occur to me.

It’s a lovely sunny day and my need for milk and eggs is urging me to head out into the locked-down crispness whilst my need to knit is urging me to stay welded to my settee. Let’s face it, if I’m thinking of walking out to get milk and eggs, everybody else is likely to be thinking the same thing and the shops will be a nightmare. Better to leave that for later in the week and concentrate on the knitting now.

I hope your week is starting off with some sunshine and positivity about your plans for the days ahead.

5 thoughts on “Spock Bear is knitting

    1. I have been an ardent fan of Mr Spock and Leonard Nimmoy since my Junior School years and this wonderful gift from my daughter, son-in-law and grandson a couple of Christmasses ago was just the icing on the cake. I also have Mr Spock on my everyday mug, although he will have to make way for Father Christmas from next week!
      I’m almost certain Otis Redding meant that song to be about knitting, but he just lost his way a bit. That can happen when you’re writing.

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