A back, a front, one sleeve, and two swatches

I haven’t worked anything like the amount on my Heather Sweater that I had intended which just goes to prove that, no matter how much you tell yourself you’re going to knit, it only works if you stop playing digital jigsaws on your computer and start knitting. I did get the first sleeve finished yesterday and am ignoring the fact that I had promised myself I would finish it during week commencing 9th November. As you can see, I’ve made a start on sleeve number two so I am getting there. My intention is to have the whole sweater complete, washed and ready to wear by the end of this month because I am ready to be knitting something else.

Before I go on, I just want to point out that I have been utterly unable, thus far, to take a photograph of this heather wool that pleases me. The colour is always off, and my every effort to adjust it results in it looking just a tiny bit more off. It is clearly just one of those colours.

The thing that usually motivates me to rush to the conclusion of a garment is the phantom of the next project waiting in the wings. I’m just not feeling this yet, which reminds me that the dreaming part of my knitting hobby is important and cannot be ignored. I’m a trifle disappointed that it’s not been easy to find the inspiration I desire. I’ve looked on Instagram and Pinterest and there are lots and lots of lovely images. I adore looking at them and admiring the projects and the photography, yet I do not want to knit the things they show. I have been tempted once or twice by a certain colour of yarn, noting it for a possible future project, but the actual design of the garment and particularly the exact type of yarn rarely engages me. I am struck by the fact that social media folk are currently enamoured of mohair, a fibre which looks so lovely in photographs yet doesn’t fit my aesthetic in the real world.

My true inspiration will probably turn out to be lurking in a combination of places where I have been inspired on past visits. High fashion catwalk photos, for example, often feature directional knits that you’d have to be insane to desire, but which can broaden your point of view most gratifyingly. I also find a visit to Brooklyn Tweed’s website can provide some direction. It’s not quite the pleasure it once was, but perhaps I can track down where the lookbooks are hiding – those were always my favourites. I’m still investigating the options available as far as knitting magazines go. Beneath all of this pondering lies a nagging feeling that the lack of inspiration is due very much to the way the world is currently set up and nothing but time will change that for the better.

I am doing a few little experimental swatches to see if I can find a pleasing combination for the pink sweater that will, one day, make its way onto my needles. The fact that one includes a strand of purple is not indicative of any intention on my part to knit a multi-shade jumper; like I say, I’m experimenting and part of that is looking at different combinations of yarns. I wonder if this particular project idea is guilty of obscuring the future from my sight, and that the most constructive thing I could do would be to get this out of the way as my ‘winter knit’ and thus clear the path ahead. It might equally be that I need to do a quick palate-cleanser project such as a pair of socks to reinvigorate my mind’s eye.

What I really fancy, though, is something incorporating a good tangle of cables.

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    1. It’s funny how some things just don’t want to come out right in photos. I sometimes feel my iPhone wants everything to be rather sharper and more contrasty than it appears in real life. Unless, of course, that’s just my fading eyesight!

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