Many of us are familiar with the slew of perfect morning routines that the social media are awash with, but they pale into insignificance beside the morning spent by “Man About Vogue” in Winter 1972.

Does that bowl of overnight oats with chia seeds really seem cool compared to his Alpen cereal with milk (back in 1972 milk was just milk, you didn’t need to say what sort) and Cranks’ English Heather Honey? Interesting factoid: the date slice recipe I use is from an old Cranks’ cookbook and probably dates to the same era. The Natural Jaffa Orange Juice would have been from either a bottle or a can and, yes, would have been the kind of thing a jet-setter would imbibe.

Whilst your routine allows you a little time to scan the news headlines on your tablet, you’ve got to admit that sitting at the breakfast bar (I’m pretty sure he has a breakfast bar) with a printed broadsheet newspaper trumps it, and I bet your e-mails aren’t as much fun as his post, what with the Alpine flat and all.

Then, oh so casually, comes the mention of a sachet of Wella shampoo. Ah, sachets of shampoo and conditioner! Every time I travel – which is infrequent at the best of times and non-existent at the worst – I think back to the 1970s when you could pick up a sachet of shampoo and conditioner at Boots before your holiday. What a sensible option they were. They also allowed you to try out a new shampoo any time you liked, with enough for one or two washes.

As he goes through his wardrobe ideas, I’m envisioning this man looking a lot like Steve McQueen. He’s definitely got that vibe that can be sickly and off-putting in the majority of men, but cool as heck in the odd few. I love his trendy Kodak Pocket Instamatic camera, too. As enviable as an iPhone 12!! And they were right, by the mid-1970s even we had Kodak Instamatics.

Perhaps you aren’t tempted to swap lifestyles yet, but whilst you are doing your meditations and/or stretching exercises, wouldn’t you rather be unearthing binoculars and shooting sticks ready for a weekend in the country?

I must admit that I let out a guffaw when the bitter-brown Aston Martin V8 came up. I haven’t seen any YouTube videos where the guy extolling his morning routine leaps into one of those! (Mind you, how much fun would it be to see someone advise you they’ve got an affiliate link and if you enter the code “joeblogs10” you get 10% off your purchase of an Aston Martin?)

By the end of the piece, I’m beginning to weary of Man About Vogue. He’s a bit too slick, perhaps less Steve McQueen and more Sindy’s boyfriend Paul. If I was Sindy, I’d be rather glad he wouldn’t be around for the weekend. After all, regardless of whether he’s a Steve or a Paul, I’d take the Prestat chocolates every time!!